Country house: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

For those who lament seeing built up urban architecture and jungles of concrete and glass, country life is certainly better suited to you. Imagine, every day and every morning, watching the sun rise and set below the expanse of blue water. With a view to die for, you can imagine days filled with hikes, walks and lying on the grass enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. In some major cities, these escapes are found quite close, so, if you want access to both worlds, you have the opportunity to choose a town that is not located too far from a major city, but far enough that you can still feel a sense of seclusion and release. The vision of a country house, for some, makes their hearts absolutely soar. The air is clean, your neighbours are friendly, and of course, it is cost effective in terms of groceries and far cheaper to get a larger plot of land for the same money you would pay for a studio apartment in the city. It is great for raising children, having the pets you always dreamed of, and of course, a big veranda and outdoor area to spend your evenings enjoying drinks or tea with friends. Here, you need not worry about pollution and confusion. You can permanently be in your own bubble of health and vitality.

What are the characteristics of a country house?

Normally, country house style combine different traditional architectural details on their well-proportioned, cosy exterior. Elements such as gables,porches,shuttered windows, lap siding, and dormer windows are typical of country houses . Their famously warm look lends them their mesmerising appeal.

How can I design my country house?

When designing a themed home, keep in mind that the definition of country style varies in different locations and can be any of the following so make sure you are getting it right.

You can use any horse riding, cow milking and whatever medals and trophies as decorating elements for your space. Another example could be the normal clothing you wear everyday on the farm. You can frame and hang a pair of overalls to a wall as a life-size decor or just to emphasis on the theme you are going with.

Don’t forget that a country house does not mean an old-fashioned home. It's a timeless style. It's just country and it speaks for itself. Moreover, country is what you decide it is; after all, it's where you live or come from, so define it as you see and feel it. Be inspired by what you see in your environment. whatever is around you can become part of your home’s theme.

Now that you decided on the theme and what your house is going to look like start your job:

- Do the painting first then you can start adding everything else.You can use wood the classic material of country houses in tandem with many colors. You can create a trendy space with green, or layer it with white for a soothing, countryside look. Either which ways, you will have plenty of warm touches in your space with this shade. Also Grey is one of the neutrals that many designers happen to love! Pair this hue with green, yellow, pink, black and even blue - any which way you will have a look that says elegant, charming and lots of fun! White furniture with grey walls is one of the best statements in the design world.

- When the painting is done you can choose the furniture. We recommend wooden furniture; wood is the most country material you can choose also wool, natural fibers and leather are good choices but Log furniture is what we call cosy country style

When you are done with main furniture is time to move on to small furnishing. Rugs, bedsheets,lamps, blankets, and so on.

- Make sure you use woven textures and materials that last long for soft pieces. In a country home all things need to wear well. A camouflage or skin bedspread with country-themed pillows that feature animals or plants and country objects are a nice addition to your house.

And lastly don't forget to hang some stuff on the wall. These stuff can be different, including prizes, photos,paintings or as mentioned already clothing! It’s just important to choose whatever you think fits the theme you are doing.

Where can I get inspirations to design my country house?

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