Dining Room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Dining room ideas and inspirations

You may or may not consider yourself a foodie, but when it comes to decorating your dining room in style you want it to be nothing short of delectable. This is only natural, because like kitchen a well decorated dining space is important for maintaining health and hygiene of the family.

A gracefully designed dining room is extremely important for organising parties and family reunions. It is not a secret, that a charming dining space makes food taste better and ambience more cheerful for social interactions.

Nowadays, dining parlours often occupy the same space as the living room and kitchen. So an extra special attention is required for creating a beautiful dining area.

Dining room layouts

If you have a reasonably sized dining space, you can set a dining table with accompanying chairs in the middle of the room. If traditional sideboards seem to take up much space, replace them with hall tables or wall mounted shelves.

For a small dining room [https://www.homify.com.my/rooms/dining-room] it is better to utilise one of the corners for placing your dining table. Instead of chairs, you can use benches or corner sofas for your dining area. This is also suitable for small kitchen cum dining rooms.

If you live in a tiny one room apartment, you can place your dining table in your kitchen and use it as a kitchen counter for the rest of the day except for the meal time. Use foldaway chairs or stools that can be easily tucked under the table.

Tips for decorating a refreshing dining space

Think of a focal point which will catch everyone’s attention as soon as one steps in this space. If you wish to meticulously decorate your feature wall, then use a different colour, texture, wall paper or panel for it. Embellish it with one or two prominent photographs or paintings.

Display a few of your crockery collections along with a handful of other decorative pieces in your cabinet. Select a dining set that is appropriate for the room you are decorating. Pay special attention to your windows. Cover them with elegant curtains, blinds or shades.

A statement lighting fixture augments the beauty of the interior. But if a crystal chandelier seems to be an over the top choice for your small dining room, choose trendy pendant lighting or linear suspensions.

Select appropriate upholstery for chairs and couches if any. It should match the colour and décor of the rest of the room. Floral styles look great for classically designed spaces. Solid colours and geometric motifs look stunning in contemporary interiors. However, there is no hard and fast rule for choosing appropriate patterns, let your intuition guide you in this. In homify magazine [https://www.homify.com.my/magazine/dining-room] you will find a variety of tips for decorating your dining room in style.

How to choose the perfect dining table?

Dining table occupies the focal point of any dining space. So choosing an appropriate one for your dining room is necessary. A perfect one for your room is that table which complements the décor and makes you feel comfortable when you sit down for dinner.

Though the wooden dining table is a perennial favourite, a plethora of options are available in front of you. Glass top dining table [https://www.homify.com.my/products/dining-room/tables] looks elegant. Simple and transparent acrylic tables look gorgeous in small rooms and minimally decorated spaces. Aluminium and wrought iron tables are stylish and lightweight.

Dining table with marble or granite top adds a classy charm. You can opt for more unusual choices like dining table with mosaic tops. Do not be afraid to experiment with dining table stands. Transparent table tops must have stylish stands. Instead of stone top with wooden stands, you can choose a wooden top with decorative stone base as well.

If you only entertain a small number of guests at home, you can opt for a square shaped dining table. Placing a square table is only possible in a square or slightly rectangular room. Rectangular tables are common and befitting for any dining space. Oval and round tables allow a greater flow of face to face conversation. For a rustic dining room, you can experiment with wooden table top with an irregular shape as well.

Selecting decorative items for a dining room

A stylish dining space requires a minimum amount of decorative items or accessories to brighten up the atmosphere. Insist on a stylish wall décor, but do not choose too many items to decorate the walls. A stylishly framed image or two is enough to stylise the feature wall. Alternatively, you can choose handcrafted wall arts to introduce a unique feel.

Framed embroidery, tapestry or wall rugs also look nice in a beautifully decorated dining table. You can use beautifully framed mirrors to glam up the interior as well.

Do not forget spreading an elegant rug in your dining space. If will massively help to increase the charm of this area. Instead of silk or woollen rugs, you can opt for stylish organic mats made jute, coir or sisal.

If you have placed a hall table or sideboard in this area, choose a prominent sculpture to decorate its top. Corners can be decorated in this fashion too. You can use corner brackets to place candles or traditional lanterns. Potted plants and flowers are best decorative elements for any space including your dining room.

Perfumed herbs like lavender, basil, rosemary or thyme can act as natural insect repellents and keep the interior environment refreshed all day long. If you think aromatic plants or flowers are interfering with the flavours of food, you can opt for other common indoor plants sans natural fragrance.

For a welcoming feel, a tastefully decorated table is a must. For festive occasions choose a themed table décor. Use table linen, runners and place holder mats to decorate its top. It is not necessary to use all the items on the list. You can choose only one or two items like table runner and placeholder mats or table cloth with mats.

You may rely on potted plants or flowers to give it charming feel. If your table is big enough use a sculptural piece to decorate it. Otherwise, buy salt and pepper pots, cheeseboards etc with unique looks. They will double up as decorative features. Place a few small pillar candles. Take due care in choosing crockery.

Outdoor dining room ideas

Your outdoor entertainment area also deserves an elegant dining space though you can afford to be more relaxed in your choices of décor. The beauty of the surroundings is going to offset any sumptuous styling requirements.

Wicker furniture is very popular for outdoor spaces. You can invest in a wicker dining set or opt for more traditional wrought iron furniture. Rustic wooden furniture also looks gorgeous for a space like this. Use colourful cushions upholstered in weather proof fabric. Choice of table décor would be less elaborate than your formal dining room.

You can also make seating arrangements on the floor or raised platforms. You will have to spread a thick rug on the floor and throw a few cosy cushions around to make it more comfortable. You can use a low table to sit around and dine with everyone. If you are habituated in dining on the floor the Asian style, then only opt for this arrangement. Take into consideration the comforts of your friends and family members as well.

It is better to add special flooring for this area only. Ceramic tiles, stone or properly seasoned hardwood works fine for an outdoor dining space. You can build a raised sundeck and utilise a portion of it to build a well organised dining area.

Build a trellis and decorate it with creepers, vines or potted plants. You can extend the trellis to create a shade of sorts. This will keep the space cool in long summer months. Building a pergola or gazebo for your outdoor dining area would have the same effect as well. You can install low lattice or bamboo fencing and arched doorway just to give it a decorative feel.

Dining room styles

For giving your dining room a stylish finish, you can follow any one of the design aesthetics of your choice. It would be better for you to keep in mind the existing design of your home. Besides, take care to plan according to the available space.

Asian dining room décor

To evoke the flavours of Asia in your dining room [https://www.homify.com.my/rooms/dining-room-style-asian], you can draw inspirations from a wide range of sources. Malaysian décor makes an extensive use of timber. Large windows and doors secured by sliding panels allow a direct access to the natural beauty outdoors.

Traditionally, nearly all Asian countries arrange seating on the floor. Though modern homes have done away with these practices, you can reintroduce the same if you prefer to. Alternatively, you can arrange lacquered furniture, ebonised dining set or furniture made of famous Malaysian teak.

For sitting on floor, you can spread an organic tatami or Malaysian mat and set zabutons or cushions for seating comfortably. Low Chinese, Persian or Japanese chabudai dining table can be set in the middle of the room. Decorate the walls with illustrations or calligraphy.

Modern dining room ideas

Your modern dining room needs to be decorated in a refined but restrained style. Use furniture that gives your space a trendy and uncluttered look. Colour scheme and décor should be understated. Choosing mid-century modern dining sets can add a touch of glamour. You will find more modern dining room ideas here [https://www.homify.com.my/rooms/dining-room-style-modern].