Dressing room Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Ideas and inspirations for walk in wardrobe

For many years people were satisfied storing clothes and accessories in big chests. It is speculated that a walk in wardrobe, as we know it now, made its first appearance in the late 19th century. But it is not until mid-20th century that a walk in closet became a familiar object in modern homes.

A functional walk in wardrobe is necessary to neatly arrange your clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. For privacy and efficient handling of the available space consider building an en suite walk in wardrobe with bathroom. Our dressing room ideas will help you choose the right kind of closet for your home.

Walk in wardrobe layouts

When you have a squarish or slightly rectangular room for building a walk in closet, you can consider a horseshoe ‘U’ layout. This will add enough storage space for your needs and keep your clothes and other personal items arranged in different sections of a wardrobe. A galley style is suitable for an oblong space.

‘L’ shaped layout is suitable for lofts spaces or attics. For a completely enclosed space you can make use of all the walls leaving alone the doors and windows. But make sure you do not end up create an overly cramped dressing room by following this type of design.

Building an island in the middle of the room can increase the storing capabilities of the room and its efficiency. But opt for this style only if your room is big enough to comfortably accommodate an island.

How to plan a dressing room?

Take inventory of your clothes, shoes and accessories. A perfect walk in wardrobe tends to be versatile in nature. Account for your hanging clothes and the folded ones. Find out what else do you need to store in here. Do not forget your cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries. You may also like to store your luggage and even bed furnishings here.

There would be some items which you frequently use and others not used so frequently. Keep regularly used items at a more accessible level. Those that are seldom used can be placed in upper shelves. There will also be clothes of differing lengths. Having shelves or sections of varying length could be helpful to store everything uniformly. Shorter items could be arranged in double hanging rods.

For very small items, the best option would be to build drawers according to your requirements. Is you have placed an island here you can use it to build additional drawers. Separate arrangement would be needed for the shoes and leather accessories. You may install slanted shelves for shoes.

Another decision for you to take would be whether to build covered cabinets or open shelves. Covered cabinets with hinged or sliding doors would help to keep your items dust free. Though you should try to keep this space clean and organised, it is quite possible that you may not always have the sufficient time to do so. In such a case, a covered cabinet keeps any kind of disorganisation and clutter hidden from public gazes.

Open shelves, on the hand, help to create a more expansive looking dressing room for small homes. If you can keep it scrupulously and organised, it would prove a welcome addition to your home.

Do not forget to include a small laundry area in some concealed corner of the room. Most importantly, arrange for proper ventilation so that this space does not look and feel stuffy at any point of time during the day.

Other furniture for a walk in closet

Shelves, cabinets, drawers and island are not the only items of décor that you need to place here. Without a small but cosy stool or couch this place would look utterly deficient in décor. Also, can you imagine having a dressing parlour without a proper dressing table and vanity stool? Instead of highly ornate old fashioned dressing tables, you can buy one of its chic modern versions or think of having a standing mirror. Mirrors mounted on the walls or cabinet doors are also suitable for this space.

Small dressing room ideas

Small spaces would be better off using a galley style room or one wall closet. Both of these are highly suitable for neatly storing your items without essentially creating any clutter or disorganisation.

When space is a constraining factor, use cabinet doors with mirrors for giving it a spacious look. If this feels overly dramatic, tone it down by using decorative wooden frames. It is better not to use this style for a dressing room built inside a bedroom. Consider using multifunctional cabinets and shelves that can be reorganised. Modular furniture would be highly useful for a small space.

Choose a colour that is neutral, mildly warm or is able to efficiently bounce off the light. A small dressing parlour feels more inviting with a colour scheme like this. If the entire room is painted in white, retain the wood texture of your cabinets or shelves. It tends to add warmth to any space.

Ventilate the space well. Having big windows or skylight installations would be helpful to open up the space. For better privacy, you can cover them with blinds or beautiful curtains. Go for a more understated décor. To build a more stylish and comfortable room consider spreading a runner rug.

When you do not have enough space to build an en suite walk in closet, consider using some other space that is good for storage, accessible and appropriate for building a private room like this. You can use your loft area or attic for this purpose. When possible, you can partition off a small area from your corridor or a spare room and build a premium dressing parlour there. In homify, you will find thousands of ingenious solutions. So do not forget to check our dressing room ideas before building or refurbishing one for your home.

Dressing room lighting

Using ceiling mounted recessed lighting is the best option for this space. This type of lighting fixtures https://www.homify.com.my/products/dressing-room/lighting keeps the entire room bright and cheerful without creating any kind of clutter. When building an aesthetically designed space is one of the major concerns, go for a pendant or chandelier fixture. Use this type of fixtures only if the ceiling boasts of a standard height which means they may not be suitable for lofts and attics.

Directional spot lights or task lighting must be installed near the dressing table or mirror. For a trendier interior you can opt for small linear suspensions. Track and rail lights may not have the most appealing look, but they are very useful for small spaces.

It is highly fashionable nowadays to use under cabinet cove or LED lighting. They may have some value in keeping the cabinet interior illuminated, but this is mostly done for beautifying the space. To save on your electricity bills, it would be better to use lighting fixtures with appropriate controls and dimmer function.

How to maintain hygiene in this space?

It goes without saying that like most of the part parts of your building, regular cleaning of this place is highly essential. Periodically, try to recycle your old items or donate those that are no longer in use. This will prevent gradual build up of clutter in the cabinets.

Place sachets of lavender, Azadirachta or neem or any other organic pesticide in the drawers and shelves to keep everything free of pests and odour. It is better not to store sweaty clothes with the clean ones. Areas that observe high rainfall should have walk in closets with proper moisture control arrangements. Having portable dehumidifiers could be helpful for small dressing rooms.

If you have a dressing parlour with an enclosed bathroom, you will have to be extra cautious about plumbing and watchful about any possibilities of water seepage. Use door mats and organic rugs that would soak up water and keep the flooring slip free. If stylish silk or woollen rugs seem to be beyond your budget at the present time, spread a cotton or linen rug instead. They are easier to clean and maintain.

When your shoe closet is located inside your walk in wardrobe, ensure that you store slippers, boots and high heels only after cleaning them properly. Keeping silica gel sachets here and also on the shelves where you keep your other leather items is highly recommended. They absorb moisture and lengthen the life of your leather jackets, bags, belts and shoes.

Walk in wardrobe styles

Much like the other areas of your building, you can follow a variety of styles in this space as well.

Minimal dressing room ideas

Minimally designed homes are held in high regard in modern time. To follow this trend, use furniture with clean and clear looks. A subdued colour scheme is more appropriate for a space like this.

Classical walk in closet

Use furniture made of natural wood. Decorate the space with elegant rugs and beautiful curtains. A luxurious daybed, couch or vanity stool would be suitable for a space like this. Do not forget to invest in a lavish dressing table for your classically styled dressing parlour.