Sheds & garage design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Ideas and inspirations for a garage

You get up early in the morning to drive your kids to school. On the way back you rush to the local market and buy whatever you need for the day. You drive back home. Then there are precious chores that you complete, take your breakfast, possibly glance over the headlines of the morning newspaper before quickly getting ready and rushing off to the office. Except for a few minor deviations, your spouse follows pretty much the same routine as yours.

Your workplaces are in a different part of the city and reaching there through traffic at peak hours takes up to one hour. You cannot do without your car, because you can save some time by driving yourself and it is a convenience that you can hardly let you by.

It goes without saying that your car too requires considerable pampering which is not limited to periodic servicing and maintenance. It requires a shelter of its own to save it from the elements of nature. In other words, your residential premises needs as stylish and a secure an abode for your car as its owners. Can you imagine leaving your pricey car by the roadside overnight? If not, then it is time for you to build a fashionable garage or giving your existing one a chic makeover.

Can you think of building a shabbily designed garage space for a trendy modern house? Of course not! But before you proceed further on your planning and decoration, do take time out to check our rich list of garages and sheds.

Where to build a car shed?

When you are designing a home from the scratch and your plot is not exactly generous in size, consider using your basement or a portion of the ground floor to build a garage. This is the commonest type you will get to see in modern houses. It saves space, creates a compact structure and is generally more secured.

But when you have bought an existing building without a carport, you need to plan the same for yourself and your vehicle. In such a case you can make use of your backyard or garden which has proper access to the main road. You can also utilise this area when in need for extra sheds to accommodate your spouse’s or kids’ cars. In some fashionable homes and mountain structures, carports also occupy the upper floor level. But these are exceptions and generally require very specific designs suitable for such kind of architecture.

How to plan a car shed?

Decide on how many cars you want to park here. Keep room for future expansions. Do not disregard your two wheelers or possibilities of buying one in the future if you do not currently own it now. See what else can you do or need to do in a space like this. This step is very important for an optimal use of the space.

Perhaps, you want to set up a garden shed, workshop or studio alongside your car parking zone. May be you want to build, a fully furnished apartment or staff quarter on top of your newly built car shed. Explore various possibilities and include them in your planning. You may not need to build them all at once, but having a plan chalked out and approved, goes a long way in assuring possibilities of future expansions. Before attempting to build the carport, you will have to get your draft design approved by concerned authorities.

If you build a garage in the basement, convert an existing barn for the purpose or open up a portion of your ground floor to accommodate the same, you will have to take due precautions to thoroughly refurbish the structure. Make sure you have a strong and durable structure and properly reinforced flooring suitable for the purpose.

Arrange for plumbing, electrical wiring and lighting fixtures. You can use solar photovoltaic panels to offset the requirements of this space. Your driveway should be properly illuminated as well.

Like other areas of your building, make sufficient storage arrangements. Build wall mounted shelves and neatly arrange everything on them. You will need versatile storage units, if you are using this space for various purposes except parking cars.

Flooring options

Flooring for this part of your home has some special requirements. It should be extremely hardy, easy to maintain, affordable yet stylish in look. It needs to be oil and moisture repellent. If you use this space for various purposes than parking your vehicles, then the flooring also needs to be suitable for the same.

Concrete flooring is the commonest type in this space. It is widely used primarily due to its durability and inexpensive nature. Concrete flooring does not need to be drab looking any longer. They are now available in dazzling colours and finishes any of which is capable of creating a spectacular impact.

One of the most popular flooring solutions widely used in professional garages include epoxy coating. This is done on top of the concrete flooring. It gives your garage a trendy look. But, more importantly, it makes your floor repulsive to moisture, oil and other types of chemical spills. It also makes your floor tougher than normal.

Concrete stain can be used to give your flooring a decorative feel. Concrete sealers are one of the least expensive coating options. Though not as tough as epoxy, sealers can make your floor hard enough to withstand the onslaught of chemicals and moisture.

Thick rollout mats are also used to give a stylish makeover to this space. They too are available in a multitude of colours and designs. But they require periodic changing as with time they can develop permanent damages caused by chemical spills and tyre marks.

Interlocking garage floor tiles are easy to install, resistant to stain and are available in a range of brilliant colours. Do not exclude the option of installing porcelain tiles in this space. You may be surprised to know that porcelain is one of the toughest materials and you would find it just appropriate for your car parking space.

Flooring options for wooden garages

Do you have plans to build a car shed similar to country style wooden garages? These wooden carports also use wood flooring. Natural wood like maple, cherry wood, oak and teak can be used to build beautiful flooring for this space. Bamboo is also suitable for this purpose. But be prepared to periodically tend your wood flooring so that it does show signs of aging.

You will have to apply a protective coat on it to save it from abrasive chemicals. Engineered wood, custom built for this purpose, can be used too. But choose premium quality engineered wood variety to maintain the durability of the structure.

Garage doors

Installing a beautiful door is not only essential for building a secured carport, but also to augment the charm of the façade of your building. Depending on the door opening mechanism, you can invest in a swing up, swing down, roll up, hinged or sliding door. Roll ups are most widely used because of the fact that they take up little space and are convenient to use.

High quality steel doors, laminated and insulated for the purpose, is the most secured option. They are very easy to maintain as well. Aluminium doors with laminated finishes are also sturdy and rust proof.

Wooden garages could be secured with mahogany, cedar, redwood and teak doors. The same can be used for a carport with a garden shed. When building a multipurpose carport it would be better not to ignore the window designs. You can also build stylish picture windows on top of your hinged door.

Multifunctional car parking complex

We have already spoken of a multifunctional space a few times. Let’s explore the various possibilities of a car parking complex beyond its very obvious function. You can use the upper floors to build a chic modern apartment, guest suite or set up a staff quarter in this space. This enhances its utility and reduces some of the burden on the main building.

The space can be used to build a home office, hobby room or library. To maintain the peace of the ambience, use materials like wood, cork, carpet etc that have natural sound absorption qualities. On a very different note, you can also build a porch with elaborate entertainment facilities in the area as well.

Small shed with a loft

If you have a small shed with high ceiling, build a loft to maximise its utilisation. You can convert this additional space into a study, workshop or studio. Alternatively, you can build extensive storage facilities here.

Garden shed

When you car parking zone occupies a portion of your garden, it is better to double it up as a garden shed. You can keep your gardening tools, spare earthen or ceramic pots that you use for planting saplings and other items frequently needed for gardening. It would be better to partition off this area completely or build a separate storage for these items.

Garage styles

A diverse set of styles is available for you to choose from, but it would be better to stick close to the design of your residence. This would prevent building a mismatching and unsightly home for your cars. In homify you will find garages with a classic, contemporary, rustic, Asian and Scandinavian flavours and more.