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Garden design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What does the perfect garden consist of?

The perfect garden, just like any other part of your home, consists of good design, blending the interior and exterior of your home and a great amount of functionality. An array of flowers, a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs and a great overall layout. Here at Homify, we have a full database of great gardens and gardening ideas and designs to choose from!

Where can I find ideas for garden design?

Homify, of course! The team here at Homify consists of experts in all aspects of garden and exterior home design and can suggest the ideal platform for a particular garden. From choosing the right plants to suit your needs, the right design and the right décor to seamlessly blend with your home.

What exactly can I do to my garden?

Some choose gardens as an area to sit in relax, to entertain guests and late-night dinner parties, to grow vegetable and herb gardens or simply as a chic and relaxing place to do work. However, a garden can provide you with a combination of all these things with the right design plan!

How do I create a garden that is highly functional?

Of course, it depends on what the desired function is. Homify’s website is full of gardening and patio ideas whether that be for a small balcony, a large patio and outdoor space and even if your only option for gardening is indoors, we can help with that too. Functional gardening means utilizing the space and situation you have to create a perfect garden that can suit both you and your family’s needs. We can help you convert part of your outdoor area to gardening, turn your balcony into a gardening oasis or create an indoor herb garden for those of you with no outdoor a space as well. With the right equipment, the right design and the right mind set you can create a garden that easily fulfills all of your needs.

What about garden fence ideas?

Fencing is an important aspect of gardening, as petitioning off certain areas can distinguish their function, keep children out or keep wildlife at bay so you can grow and assimilate a perfect garden. Fencing should depend on the style of your home, your budget and its necessary function. For a traditional, classic fence – why not choose a great stained wood and a nice gate for access? For a Mediterranean feel, think about lighter, beachy colour palettes an for a functional minimalism – we can consider slender and sleek metal and wood options.

How do I effectively plan a garden?

To effectively plan any part of your home you have to consider what you’re using it for. First, think about what you will be using your garden for? An outdoor office? Evening entertaining? A room for your children to play? Or simply an area for you to relax and be alone? This will affect the types of design, décor, furnishings and colours that you use. A garden is also susceptible to to the outdoor elements and climate so planning your garden according to your geographic location and climate is also important and we can help with that too!

What are some ways I can properly accessorise my garden?

For the most part, accessorising your garden should be functional, yet fun! We suggest you stick with warm tones, pastels and even whites to make the area bright, light and fresh. Outdoor furnishings and décor come in just as many colours and options as indoor furnishings yet their materials can withstand the elements a bit better. We suggest you be careful with bright and bold colours as the sun can easily wash out these colours and make them look dingy over time. Potted planters and water features are also a great way to make your garden more livable and garden décor should be inspiring and motivate you to stay outdoors, longer!

What about a patio, terrace and garden decking ideas?

Patios, terraces, and garden decking are perfect for entertaining on, or just for sitting outdoors with a good book. Here at Homify we have each of them covered for you and we have plenty of ideabooks that have great ideas of how to decorate and make the most out of even the tiniest outdoor spaces – this would include small balconies. A large patio is a perfect for a great seating arrangement and large-scale potted plants, whereas balconies and terraces are a great way to try and showcase vertical planting features and smaller, functional herb gardens! ds.

What types of garden furniture can I use?

Homify has a lovely array and variety of furniture to choose from that is perfectly suitable for the outdoors and exterior of your home. Sun chairs, lounging chairs and deck chairs are perfect for those that tend to entertain and lay in the sun and water-proof and water-repellent furnishings are available in some beautiful designers and colours.

How do I know which plants are right for my garden?

Planting is time consuming and those homeowners which choose to plant are well aware of this. Take the time to learn about your garden, your region and the types of plants that will thrive in your garden. Learn about the local soil ingredients, the water supply and the drainage that your garden has and then make decisions about which plants will do best in these areas. We also have plenty of planting ideabooks that will help you choose the right plants with tips and tricks of how to make them grow better! Tend to be someone that doesn’t have a lot of time on your hands? That’s okay – we have options for those looking for low-maintenance care too!

What are some other, unique ideas that I can get garden inspiration from?

First of all, check out our garden, patio and terrace photos here at Homify for all decking and gardening inspiration. Another great option is to make a theme that you can organise and decorate your patio or garden according to – such as Mediterranean and Dutch-inspired spring tulip gardens!

How can I put together some of the most popular garden designs?

Serenity—Zen gardens

If you're willing to experiment more with your garden, then why not try a Zen garden that is fully designed using the principles of Zen? A Zen garden can work on large or small land alike, making it perfect for almost anyone willing to try. You can even have a potted Zen garden that can sit on any flat surface in your home – how fun! A Zen garden will help you to channel your energies in a healthy way to promote relaxation, love, prosperity and much more using elements such as running water features and directional points. Perfect for relaxing, meditating or practising yoga, Zen gardens are perfect for those searching for a new and healthy lifestyle!

Encouraging wildlife—nature gardens

You will be amazed the amount of biodiversity that can be encouraged in even a small urban garden with some good planning. If you have children or are interested in how much wildlife you can bring to your garden, then a nature garden is a great way to go. Nature gardens are also perfect for those homeowners trying to promote practical skills in themselves and their children, like how to properly garden, which insects, bugs and animals are important for biodiversity and the ecosystem and which habitats attract different types of wildlife!

Entertaining—modern gardens

To give your garden a modern feel, the décor and planning is most important here. For a chic and contemporary look and feel, try turning certain areas of your garden into more functional areas such as a deck for outdoor entertaining, an unused area into an outdoor kitchen and maybe create an outdoor garden office from a old, unused shed. Garden appliances are also important so why not consider heating mechanisms so you can entertain well into the fall and winter and late into chilly, summer nights? Think about solar lights to keep great lighting effects in your garden and for your guests to find their way through your nature garden? Modern gardens are associated with a specific purpose and simplicity, organisation, neatness and

Jazz up your garden with a modern feel. One way of making an outdoor space chic and a great design are all parts of it.

Mediterranean-style gardens

Looking to bring a beach-fresh look to your garden and throw yourself into a Mediterranean setting for a fraction of the cost? Think about bold and bright hues of bleached whites, large, terracotta plants and slightly-used and rustic-looking garden furniture to top it off. With Mediterranean gardens bring in bright, tropical flowers and lots of greens for a perfect beach-side look. A water-feature or sand feature is also a plus with a perfectly-themed, Mediterranean garden!

Relaxation and meditation—Japanese gardens

A Japanese garden would not be complete without an abundance of cherry blossoms, the tree most often associated with this country. Providing great shade, a fabulous fragrance and a delicious fruit as well, Japanese cherry blossom trees are easy to find from local tree vendors and great to include in your garden. Typically blooming during the early-to late-spring, including such a colourful and beautiful tree in your garden will inspire you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, we promise! To complete the Japanese look, add some Japanese statues to your outdoor space Or even a holistic zen garden. You can also transform your garden shed into a pagoda and we have a few ideabooks with great suggestions! Not only Eco-friendly, but beautiful as well, why not line your Japanese garden with bamboo which will grow back year after year and provide a wonderful amount of privacy while sticking within the right design scheme?

Functional & healthy—herb gardens

At Homify we love a great design that continuously gives back to you and your family and an herb garden is a perfect item when it comes to this. Able to be grown in large fields, small gardens, or balcony-style planting (even on the kitchen countertop, too!) herb gardens are a perfect way to include more plants in your home and eat healthier. Herb gardens fit perfectly within healthy-lifestyle kitchens (which we have some great Ideabooks on!) and allow you the peace and serenity of taking care of something that gives back. Do some research and find out which herbs grow best in your environment and best of all, buy herbs that you use a lot and also buy herbs that you’ve never heard of to inspire yourself to try new recipes! We promise you won’t regret it!