Garden shed design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What are garden sheds?

Garden sheds are simple single storied structures that are usually built in the front yard or backside of a house with a view of providing covered parking area, space for garden tools, space for pets, or simply a covered space where you can relax during a hot summer afternoon. A garden shed typically involves a lean-to or a simple gable roof made up of metal, wood, or even plastic. The lean-to roof provides an easy and inexpensive solution to suitably shade the space as well as to keep out the rain water. Similar to the roof, the walls of the shed can be covered with metal, plastic sheets or even with naturally available wood.

Are garden sheds popular in Malaysia?

In the past few years, garden sheds have seen a huge rise in popularity in Malaysia. Garden sheds in Malaysia are mostly supplied by vendors that are widely spread in the entire country. A typical 5’x5’x7’ shed could cost around 2500 RM while a decently large 10’x10’x7’ shed could cost you anywhere around 5000 RM for procurement and installation. While purchasing from a vendor, do not forget to check if additional equipments such as door locks, ventilators, floor base/carpet, skylights, etc. are included in the cost or if would you have to pay for it additionally. A lot of time vendors quote without considering few of these elements in order to show cheaper final costs while they advertise their products.

In which different materials can sheds be manufactured?

Wooden sheds

Traditionally sheds were built with a wooden framework covered with tree branches, straw, or hay. These were basically materials that were cheap and locally available. One of the best advantages of wooden sheds is their rustic appearance and ease of workability. On the downside, one needs to be careful about proper maintenance in order to avoid rotting of wood due to moisture or termites. In places where the summers are hot and dry, one also needs to be careful of accidental fires. With a view of protecting the structure, we recommend that you opt for decay-resistant or pressure treated wooden members and make sure to use stains or paints at least on the exterior sides.

Plastic sheds

PVC or polyethylene sheets are another option than can be used in place of wooden sheds. Plastic sheds are lighter, durable, and more resistant to factors such as moisture or natural wear & tear. One of the advantages of plastic sheds is that they can be purchased as DIY kits from local manufacturers with easy provisions to add doors, windows or other openings in the structure.

Metal sheds

These types of sheds involve aluminium or galvanised iron corrugated sheets as roofing and wall components.  Metal sheets offer considerable protection from fire and termites; however, one needs to be careful about rusting due to prolonged contact of the sheets with water. One of the best advantages of metal sheets is that they are widely available and are relatively inexpensive to procure and fabricate.

Asbestos sheds

Asbestos sheets are also one of the most widely used materials in the construction of garden sheds, particularly in recent times. Besides being cheap, they are widely available and are fairly durable.

What are the different uses of sheds?

Garden sheds

These sheds are the most commonly found types globally. Garden sheds are mostly constructed with a view of storing garden tools, cleaning equipment, and other materials that might not be very safe to be kept within the main house. Usually these sheds are provided with sturdy walls and proper ventilation provisions.

Parking sheds

These sheds are mostly built for protecting bikes or sometimes small cars from excessive heat and rain. These sheds may or may not have side walls.

Storage sheds

These sheds are mostly built for storing firewood or other materials like hay or animal fodder. While building these types of sheds, it is important that you consider a plot of land that is slightly higher than surroundings in order to keep water away at all times. These sheds are mostly well protected from all sides with good provision for rainwater drainage and ventilation.

Security of garden sheds

Depending upon the nature of use and the surrounding conditions, one can determine the level of security that should be provided to the shed. Roof and walls constructed from sturdy and durable materials can go a long way in providing basic security. Further, you can opt for simple locks for the entrance door in order to keep away any possible unwanted elements. However, since these sheds are usually located within the confines of the main garden, many users are content with just a simple latch in order to keep away strong winds, children, or pets entering into the shed.