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Tropical style gardens

  1. Contemporary Tropical , 3-Storey semi-D:  Garden by inDfinity Design (M) SDN BHD, Tropical
  2. Luxury Bungalow In Sungai Penchala Kuala Lumpur:  Garden by Mode Architects Sdn Bhd, Tropical
  3. Need help with your garden?
  4. Luxury Bungalow In Sungai Penchala Kuala Lumpur:  Garden by Mode Architects Sdn Bhd, Tropical
  5. Luxury Bungalow In Sungai Penchala Kuala Lumpur:  Garden Pond by Mode Architects Sdn Bhd, Tropical
  6. Luxury Bungalow In Sungai Penchala Kuala Lumpur:  Garden Pond by Mode Architects Sdn Bhd, Tropical
  7. Luxury Bungalow In Sungai Penchala Kuala Lumpur:  Garden by Mode Architects Sdn Bhd, Tropical
  8. Need help with your garden?
  9. Luxury Bungalow In Sungai Penchala Kuala Lumpur:  Garden by Mode Architects Sdn Bhd, Tropical
  10. Luxury Bungalow In Sungai Penchala Kuala Lumpur:  Garden by Mode Architects Sdn Bhd, Tropical
  11. Luxury Bungalows @ Lorong Gurney Kuala Lumpur:  Garden by Mode Architects Sdn Bhd, Tropical
  12.  Garden by Maria Luiza Aceituno arquitetos, Tropical
  13.  Garden by Jardíssimo, Tropical
  14.  Garden by STaD(株式会社鈴木貴博建築設計事務所), Tropical
  15.  Garden by GEA Arquitetura, Tropical
  16.  Garden by Tânia Póvoa Arquitetura e Decoração, Tropical
  17.  Garden by Flávia Brandão - arquitetura, interiores e obras, Tropical
  18.  Zen garden by Simple Projects Architecture, Tropical
  19.  Garden by Le Jardin Arquitectura Paisagística, Tropical
  20.  Garden by homify, Tropical
  21.  Garden by NOUVELLE. | Proje Danışmanlık, Tropical
  22.  Garden by 大地工房景觀公司, Tropical
  23.  Zen garden by AGM Construções e Reformas , Tropical
  24.  Garden by Le Jardin Arquitectura Paisagística, Tropical
  25.  Garden by ItalianGres, Tropical
  26.  Garden by Eneida Lima Paisagismo, Tropical
  27.  Garden by MC3 Arquitetura . Paisagismo . Interiores, Tropical
  28.  Garden by RABAIOLI I FREITAS, Tropical Wood Wood effect
  29.  Garden by Zen Ambient, Tropical
  30.  Garden by alexandre galhego paisagismo, Tropical
  31.  Front yard by Mutabile, Tropical
  32.  Garden by Greice Peralta, Tropical
  33.  Garden by homify, Tropical

When should I install a Shutter?

In Singapore, the climatic conditions vary between hot and mildly hot temperatures. The city also remains humid nearly all year long. In places like these, shutters come to the aid of the homeowners. In long and hot summer months window treatments like shutters help you to keep the sun out. Shutters are also necessary to protect the privacy of the interiors. If you wish to beautify the interior of your home, then this is one of the best options for you. Wooden shutters not only make your home look elegant, but also increase the value of your home.

Shutters are also known to decrease noise pollution and improve the acoustic conditions of your rooms. This helps you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep even if you live in the busiest and most congested part of the city. They also enhance the insulation quality of the interior environment. If you have young children and pets at home you have an added reason for buying shutters. The design is kid and pet friendly which could be a relief for homeowners like you.

Shutters vs blinds: What are the pros and cons of each?

Shutters have a graceful design. They are beneficial for multiple reasons. As stated above they help you design a cool, peaceful and properly insulated home. Their presence makes your home safer for your young ones. They also provide you adequate privacy. Houses with shutters have a higher resale value than houses with any other kind of window treatments. However, shutters are expensive. It is ideal for casement windows and French windows. Shutter installations are not suited for tilt in window designs. You will also need greater time and expert help to install shutters in your home than blinds or curtains.

The biggest advantage of blinds is its affordability. Their versatile design helps you to easily match the interior décor. They are very effective in providing privacy for your home. They can also keep the glare of sunshine out for as long as you want. There are blinds which allow diffused light and are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Due to their elegant design, Roman blinds look better in living rooms, dining rooms and bed chambers. You may buy remote controlled blinds for your windows as well as your skylight installations. No such facility is available for the shutters.

On the negative side it can be said that blinds don’t boast of a kid friendly design. The string attached to them can be a potent source of choking hazard for the young kids. The remote controlled ones, however, are exempt from such issues. They are manufactured from a variety of materials including wood and bamboo. Both fabric and wooden blinds are appreciated for their beauty. But unlike shutters, their presence does not add value to your home. They are not as long lasting as the shutters either. Fabric blinds may show signs of aging and fade earlier than bamboo and wooden blinds.

What are the different types of shutters available in Singapore?

While choosing shutters for your home, you are not limited to a single option. Shutters come in a range of designs. If you live in a Mediterranean style house, then you may opt for the board and batten shutters. This type of shutters is generally designed from mahogany, red cedar and cypress. In this case, vertical wooden boards are attached with three or more horizontal boards. You may order shutters with rounded trims and ornamental designs.

Louvered exterior shutters are by far the commonest type of shutter design seen in Singapore residences. They move along a central vertical axis with which the horizontal stiles are attached. Louvered shutters are manufactured from wood, vinyl and aluminium. While full height louvered designs are common in the contemporary homes, the tier on tier option is preferred for the classical and country style houses. This type of shutters is also known as plantation shutter.

Raised panelled shutters are useful both for your internal and external doors and windows. They are made from natural wood, plywood, metal, fibreglass and vinyl. You may consider installing hurricane shutters in your home as well. In stormy weather conditions, these shutters can provide protection to your glass windows. They can be temporarily installed in case of a hurricane warning.

How do I correctly measure my window for installing a shutter?

Before you begin shopping for shutters, take some time out to accurately measure the window openings of your home. First identify the openings where you plan to install the shutters. You must also take a note of the window design. Shutters available for the picture windows would not fit a bay window or skylight installation. With the help of a measuring tape, measure the window openings. Decide on the design of the frame. There are two options available for this – L frame and Z frame. L frames are narrower than the Z frames and can be installed inside or outside the window openings. Recheck the measurements before ordering the products.

Can I install the shutter myself or should I hire a professional?

You may attempt to install the shutters yourself and avoid the cost of hiring professionals in the process. But it is important for you to understand that shutter installation can prove to be a complicated task, especially if you are attempting this for the first time and don’t have anyone to guide you through the process. Hiring professional shutter installers will help you save the hassles of the project. Since it will be done by experts, the job will be more thorough. There will be little chance of wasting money through failed attempts or defective work. Check out homify’s online platform to find an expert or seek references from your acquaintances who might know someone locally. Shutters cost about SGD 50 per square foot. The you must add the cost of installation to this.