Girls Bedroom: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How can I design a girls bedroom?

Designing a kids room is a way to let both you and your child explore your creative side. When it comes to creating the perfect space for a young girl, it’s all about establishing a subtle balance. Always keep in mind that a girl's room is way different from a boy’s bedroom.  From the practicality of the furniture to the colors you choose, you can design an open, inviting, and playful space for your little princess to rest her head.

Girls bedroom ideas are as abundant as girls’ personalities, so it takes a keen understanding of what she likes and what will put her at ease. Depending on your girl’s age, these will range from the younger Barbie styles with lots of pink and big stuffed animals to the more mature, including a more neutral palette and one that’s perhaps filled with literature instead of frilly decoration.

Girls bedroom ideas for small rooms

Small spaces are easily manageable with simple decoration. Keep wall decoration to a minimum–uncomplicated wall decals or a few hanging pictures are recommended so that the room appears more orderly. Mirrors are another welcomed addition to any blossoming girl’s room, not only for their use in figuring out what to wear for the day, but they also lengthen the room with their reflective property. In order to keep the room feeling spacious, basic furniture styles are recommended. Multi-functional furniture is a good investment for any kind of room, but they’re especially practical for kids rooms where you’ll need all the running around room you can get. Another element that visually enlarges a small room is the color scheme. Bright and light colors will make the room feel much bigger and contribute to a sense of life and freshness, which are sought-after qualities for a rampant young one.

What are the most popular color schemes that is perfect for a girl’s room?

Choosing the right color for your girl's room not only ensures that her personality comes out through her surroundings, but will also give both you and your child peace of mind that she is in a space that is comforting and practical. Many parents opt for the go-to classic girl's room colors like pink, yellow, purple, coral, or pastels, but those aren’t the only options out there. Neutrals and earth tones are also perfect for young girl's, especially those who aren’t attached to the pretty-in-pink princess stereotype. Beige, soft greens, white, or even the right shade of gray will have her feeling sophisticated and mature and will also help with the redesign process as she gets older.

Rooms with multiple patterns or colors fit best with the artistic and imaginative girl. For those that want to add a little more dimension and texture to their space, accent walls made from natural materials like wood will contribute to a comfortable ambiance.

What furniture and bed style suits a girl’s bedroom?

The furniture in your girl’s room will help define the room’s functionality. In a kids bedroom, accent pieces aren’t needed and in fact should be avoided, as children tend not to be mindful of purely decorative furnishings. When it comes to the bed, there are many roads to go down. A great majority of Malaysian parents prefer the daybed style. This is the type of bed that looks like a large comfy couch, but is big enough to fit a child. These designs are popular because most of them include drawer storage underneath and because they lean right against the wall like a sofa would, which frees up a large amount of floor space for your child to play.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are certain styles that are likely to remain the same as your child grows up, and to avoid remodeling every other year, you might consider buying a single bed instead of a kids bed, so that she can grow into it.

On the other hand, if you want to make the room into a young girl’s dream, then feel free to get creative with the kids beds. You can get anything from castle-themed beds to dollhouse or even nautical-themed bedframes.

Other furniture to include in your decor are desks with plenty of drawers to hide arts and crafts materials, tables to have tea parties on, and shelves to amplify the room’s theme.

What are the decorating ideas for a girl’s bedroom?

Your overall room decor should have a certain theme to it and from this theme, you will get unlimited decorating ideas. If your daughter spends a lot of time playing on the floor, invest in a bed that folds up into the wall. That way, when it’s time for play, the bed is up and out of the way, and when it’s time for sleep, dreamland is just a moment away. A deeper sense of adventure can come with another bed style. This one looks just like a tent you’d use to camp outdoors, but with the comfort and amenities of modern life.

The furnishings should match the style and mood of the room you’re designing. If you’ve opted for a nature-themed room with earth tones and open floor space, get a bookshelf that resembles a tree. If your daughter likes the ocean, attach some floating shelves in the shape of small waves to a light blue wall.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration for decorating ideas for a girl’s room, be sure to contact one of our interior decorating specialists and get help within minutes.