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Finding home gym inspiration

Homify is a great place to find inspiration and ideas for a home gym. It is true that often times, a home gym is nearly impossible due to budget or lack of space, however, here at Homify we have suggestions for every size and type of gym. Whether it be a few, simple yoga mats or a full home gym with ellipticals and towel warmers – we are here to help!

A home gym is beneficial and can help your work out experience be private and personal, as well as help to avoid costly gym memberships and working out around other people. A home gym will be available for you 24/7 and allow you to feel more motivated to work out either in the early mornings, on your lunch break if you work from home and even late into the evenings. If you’re seriously considering a home gym, then think about talking to local professional at a gym to gather ideas on what types of machinery and exercise equipment are most beneficial and also look through home and gym a magazines for interior inspiration. At Homify, you can find thousands of home gym photographs and inspiration and by creating an Ideabook, you an save all of your favourite photos and local designers to help keep everything organised and accessible!

What is the perfect home gym design?

The perfect home gym is one that utilizes space appropriately and one in which you will want to use. A perfect home gym is also one that is totally customised and tailored to fit your specific needs. There is no reason to spend large amounts of money on machines and items you will never use just for the sake of making your gym look professional. It’s a fact that if you don’t tailor rooms to fit your aesthetic or functional needs that you’re less-likely to use them, or at least use them with longevity in mind.

A home gym should be able to store and maintain all the items you wish to use, so that means having proper storage is a great design techniques. Whether it’s storing weights, clean towels or smaller exercise items like bands and medicine balls. By searching through Homify’s picture selection using the home gym filter, you will see all the possibilities and sizes that home gyms can come in!

Where can I find home gym ideas?

There are truly so many options for home gym inspiration, and you should use a combination of them all to get the ideas rolling in your head! Visiting friends and family who have home gyms, looking at local, private gyms in your area, looking through home design and interior design magazines, as well as searching through Homify’s database is a great way to get started! By speaking to those that have gyms, or speaking to friends and family that wish they had gyms, you can get a better grasp on the details, large and small, that your gym should have.

In a home gym, most of your decisions and design choices should be based on the types of activities you love doing – if you’re a runner, more into yoga or Pilates or even boxing. Spend time online looking for gyms by owners that have similar interests to you and make a list of the items and accessories you would need the most with your style of sport. Obviously, your budget will have the biggest impact on these types of decision – however, when it comes to the layout and interior design of your gym, Homify can lay out all these options for you, as well as help you speak personally and contact designers.

We suggest you use the Homify database in order to find some inspiration for your home gym. With the variety of filters, you can easily narrow-down your search to find themes and styles which suit your own personal tastes. Whether you are hoping to find eclectic home gyms, classic styles or modern ideas, there is definitely something for everyone.

How do I go about building a home gym?

Before building your home gym, you will have to answer several key questions. What is my budget? Does all the equipment I want fit into the space I have? Will I have room for storage? Each question should be answered realistically before you begin the official building process. If at any point you feel that you don’t have enough knowledge to answer these questions, then ask for professional advice. Most professionals will barely charge you for advice, if at all and there are plenty of experts online to help as well. Speaking with a gym trainer, an interior architect or even an interior designer can help a lot!

Choosing the right materials will also be an important aspect of your home gym, and as you already know, materials can take up a large portion of your budget. Creating an atmosphere that’s sustainable, durable and lives up to your expectations is important for motivating you to use your home gym!

What wall colour should I choose for my home gym?

The type of colour you want your home gym to be will depend on several factors. Do you want your home gym to match the rest of your home? Are you trying to create a visually different space that feels more like a gym-spa? What colours make you feel motivated to work out and be productive? Buying paint, or hiring a painter, can be an expensive process so choosing the right colours the first time around is important. Most homeowners choose neutrals or lighter colours for their home gym to wake them up and make them feel happy. Darker colours can keep you feeling sleepy, especially if an early-morning work out is what you’re after. Neutrals can also be relaxing and keep you focused. Of course, the colours of the room will have some effect, but the lighting will another important aspect too. Having a lot of natural light in the room is also important; if you are able to have your home gym in a brightly lit room then you are more likely to want to do the exercise!

What flooring should I use for my home gym?

Flooring will cost you a bit of money, depending on the size of your gym. For a home gym, the flooring should be sustainable, functional and be able to withstand heavy equipment, or any physical activities you might use it for. If you tend to use weights, then perhaps wood or tile floor might not be the best options, as weights will scratch wood and break tiles if you let them down too hard. Make sure whatever flooring that you choose is scratch-resistant and maybe even resistant to stains as we all know that a home gym means lots of sweat and water. Consulting with a professional about home gym flooring might be worth your time as they might be able to better advise you on the materials available to you that are also within your budget!

What home gym equipment do I need?

The answer to this questions will depend on your personal preferences. In many home guys you will find similar items – towels, yoga mats, general exercise equipment – these items tend to be affordable for most and can provide you with a lot of exercise options.

To find out with equipment you need, ask yourself what type of exercise you do most often and go from there. If you’re a runner and tend not to run during the colder months but wish you did, than a treadmill is a good choice. If you prefer toning and slight cardio, then maybe weights and an elliptical with lots of different functions is best! Your exercise equipment will be one of the larger investments, so choose wisely.

How do I convert a spare room into a home gym?

Using a spare room to create a home gym is one of the more popular options that homeowners choose. It makes a great use of space and is something that will increase the positivity and longevity of your life. There are a few key considerations when transforming a spare room into a home gym: You should see how the colour of the room and the flooring fits in with what you’re expecting and if not, make changes to these foundational items first. If you don’t like the room at all in its current state, maybe talking to an interior designer or interior architect can help you make structural changes to the room to fit your expectations. Another options is to either purchase or decide where to place your home gym equipment to test how everything fits. We suggest you plan this out visually on paper before making a plan – and make measurements to make sure everything is organised and aesthetically pleasing. Another option is if you have the budget for it, hire a professional team to come and design your gym for you, and perhaps for a minimal extra cost they will also install and set-up your equipment for you! Lastly, think about adding accessories and various items that might help the space along like a mini-refrigerator for cold water and a towel warmer for extra warm towels after a good sweat session!

What style should I pick for my home gym?

Like most of the answers before, this will also depend on your personal tastes and what types of colours and items get your motivated. You might want your home gym to blend seamlessly with the rest of your home, and if that’s the case then you already know the style, colours and accessories that will work for you. Otherwise, use Homify as your home-base for everything inspiring. Look through our directory of home gym pictures, check out the style, colours, accessories, storage and even equipment other homeowners and designers have chosen and save the ideas to your ideabook for future reference!

More home gym styles:

Modern-style home gym

For modern home gym style, there are plenty of options and ideas on Homify. The classic choices for this style are to have white, or neutral-coloured walls and an open-concept design. Make sure the room only includes essentials and is not overly-cluttered. Many homeowners enjoy having large mirrors in their modern style gyms; mirrors can also be great for motivation and bringing more natural light into a room! If you have larger pieces of exercise equipment then choosing the modern style is a good idea as it often means that your home gym looks professional and very put-together!

Rustic-style home gym

A rustic-style home gym might be a great way to make your space visually dynamic and even relaxing. The use of pine or cedar and wood is often a great way to make a room look more rustic, they handle wetness and moisture well and give your home gym that great alpine spa smell! Rustic gyms typically do better for those that use hand-weights, do yoga or Pilates, or in general might not have a lot of larger equipment.

Minimalist-style home gym

The minimalist-style home gym is great for those looking to get in, and get back out. Keeping everything within a stark or neutral colour palette, functional storage options and the essentials.

If you are particularly interested in more relaxing exercises, such as yoga and pilates, then this option is perfect! You can bring splashes of colours in with flowers, or rugs and the most important aspect if having a bright, open and functional space! Great characteristics for any gym!

Classic-style home gym

A classic style home gym is one that anyone can create on any budget. Keep the wall colour neutral, choose bright and functional light fixtures and allow neutral light in as much as possible. To stay within your budget, choose flooring that is cheaper, like low-pile carpet so you can move the machines, etc; around more easily. For accessories and general décor, keep it in touch with the rest of your home to keep things simple and less stressful!

Scandinavian style home gym

For a Scandinavian-style home gym there are many brilliant options here at Homify. If the rest of your home falls within the typical Scandinavian style – light, bright colours, minimal accessories and functional items – then continue this whiting your home gym. Keep splashes of colour to the rugs and essentials (similar to the Minimalist-style) and choose high-tech items, such as a sound system to hook your phone into and get your sweat on!