Modern home design ideas

Nearly all of us secretly harbour a dream of building a modern house for ourselves. Some of us may buy an old structure and renovate it into a style suited for modern times. Meanwhile, others invest in a plot to build from a scratch.

Every era has its own distinctive style that reflects on art, architecture and design. A variety of reasons, including changing socio-economic conditions, can be identified behind this unceasing evolution in tastes and design.

The magnificent structures of gothic, baroque, and neoclassical eras still continue to enamour us with their grandeur. But, time has changed and modern residential dwellings have got a complete makeover. They are built to modern standards by using materials that are contemporary and with a design that is suited to our time.

What are essential qualities of modern house architecture?

With the turn of the last century, modern design principles started to become popular. Modernist movement garnered support from such visionary architects as Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Louis Sullivan, and Arne Jacobsen among others. The latest concept focused on “form” to be led by “function.” Architects and designers insisted on reducing unnecessary detail and sticking to simple structures and clear forms. Using industrially mass produced materials became a norm rather than an exception. Even industrial décor was embraced in the interior of certain modern houses. This change in design ideals continued. Though inspired by the modern house architecture of early 20th century, the modern houses that we build and live in today have further altered from their predecessors. Structures have become more sternly geometric. Growing eco consciousness among prospective homeowners inspires them to build more environment friendly homes. Use of recycled and sustainable materials is also growing by the day, while the open floor plan is fondly adopted mainly due to space shortage in city homes, interior décor has adopted minimalist design.

How can I plan a modern house?

A modern house must make optimal use of available space. In bigger cities, space comes at a premium now. So, making appropriate use of every square inch of available space is highly essential. Nowadays, you will see many stylish basement and attic renovations aimed at maximising the living area. You can adopt the same for your home too.

Open floor plan can help to create a more expansive interior and enable a seamless connection between the living room, dining area and kitchen. This is highly useful for small places. But the benefits of traditional floor plan with separate lounge, dining parlour, and kitchen cannot be ignored either. You will find plenty of inspirations for both the types on homify. Depending on your tastes and requirements, arrange the space according to your liking.

Modern house architecture abhors the idea of building a cluttered space. So make sure your organisation of furniture and other items of décor do not leave your home feeling cramped and stuffy.

If you are thinking of building a budget home, you can opt for pre-fabricated structures or modular homes. They can be customised and elegantly decorated according to your tastes. This type of structure can be installed onsite with a minimum of fuss and wastage of time, which proves to be an added benefit.

What are the environment friendly materials I can use?

Choice of environment-friendly and sustainable materials when building a modern house is becoming increasingly necessary. We are all aware of the adverse effects of climate change and need to prepare in advance to cope with changing weather conditions. Interestingly, modern aesthetics highly encourage the use of traditional materials that seem to serve this purpose. So, you will frequently see a reviving interest in such building materials as locally produced hollow bricks, tiles and bamboo. Recycled agricultural wastes, lime mortar and other similar products are being developed to help in constructing eco friendly structures. A global initiative is being observed in promoting the domestic use of the solar energy by installing photovoltaic panels. Water recycling and rainwater harvesting are also encouraged. Your modern house can benefit from these mechanisms as well.

How should I furnish my modern house?

Modern architecture has become more international than ever. Most glaring changes in design and organisation can be observed nowhere else than in the interior of modern houses. Mid century modern furniture drastically altered the way our interiors looked. Iconic designs by the likes of Charles and Ray Eames, Alvar Aalto, Isamu Noguchi, Frank Gehry and Verner Panton hastened this transformation.

Use of décor is minimal in a contemporary home. Wood is still considered a most cherished material for furniture and décor, but there are other options for you to choose from as well. These include engineered and recycled wood, moldable plastic, cast aluminium, wrought iron, stainless steel and faux stone.

Most of these pieces tend to be lightweight, portable and modular in nature. Furniture with clear lines and forms are preferred for a trendy and stylish home. Wall mounted cabinets, shelves and extensive storage units already replaced bulky armoire, dressers and vanity units. Due to an increasing tendency of making appropriate use of the available space, furniture customised to occupy landing, under stair space or loft area are common now.

What are the new lighting trends for modern houses?

Gone are the days of large crystal chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings above. Improvements in lighting technology brighten up the interior of a modern dwelling with a plethora of lighting fixtures never seen before. LED lighting technology opened up newer possibilities.

You can use valance lighting, illuminated ceiling and LED stair lighting for your modern house. Alternatively, you can consider decorating your kitchen with LED fitted cabinets and countertops. Backlit LED mirrors can give your bathroom a dramatic makeover.

Elegant pendant lighting fixtures can beautify your living room, dining parlour or bedroom. Suspended linear lighting is another choice that you can indulge in the public quarters of your home.