Infinity Pool: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Infinity pool is a swimming pool where water flows on one or more edges, creating an optical effect of water with no limits. These pools are often designed so that the edge appears integrated with a larger surface than the water, such as the ocean, or with the sky. Often found in spa resorts or luxury villas.

What are different features of an infinity pool and how expensive are they?

First, the swimming pool is a place for wellness and recreation at home. The motivation to buy it and invest in it will usually be the will of good moments with family and friends. Thus, you will create a unique aesthetic in your garden. Not to mention having a great value added to your property: when you invest about RM 50,000, the value of your house will increase by 20% on average. Also, the infinity pool has a cleaner water than the traditional swimming pool. Where the water flows continuously, all the waste floating on surface such as leaves and insects or tanning oils, transferred to the reservoir water surplus. There is no time for them to soak in water and descend to the bottom of the aquarium, and the irregularities are quickly cleared. If the excess water exceeds the maximum, the infinity pool becomes like a mirror and cleans the water surface.there is no need in using the traditional ways of cleaning the infinity pool like a normal the swimming pool with brooms and similar tools, fun and luxury!

What are the disadvantages of the infinity pool?

One of the disadvantages of the infinity pool designs is that it requires more complex and restrictive technical application than the traditional swimming pool. Its facilities (buffer tank, pitfalls, hydraulic system) and equipment (level sensor, valve, pump dedicated to infinity) must be different from the normal pool. In addition, it is difficult to find a suitable cover system (tarpaulin) without generally ruining the aesthetic. Unless the infinity pool takes all the luxuries, or sticks to a standard size or shape, it will be necessary to resort to a custom cover system, consistent with the aesthetic view of the bathrooms.

Another drawback is that water temperature is more volatile, and continuous water overrun has an impact on its temperature:

It is difficult to maintain a constant temperature. It is recommended to install a heat pump or heating system (solar, electric, gas or fuel)

PH differences are higher but it should be equipped with an automatic acidity controller. This is not mandatory, but more comfortable than regulating manual pH (1-2 times per week). On the other hand, we must remain vigilant face to face with limestone (sintering and coating) making treatment more frequent to curb limestone.

Above all, the main structure of the swimming pool requires flawless work to pass the effect of the stretch: 3 cubic meters of water consumed by each linear meter of overrun. In the end, all these points explain that prices are at least 20-30% higher than a traditional swimming pool. It is noteworthy that this work has two reservoirs: the main bathing place and the second is the insulating tank used to collect water flood.

What should i consider when I plan to build an infinity pool?

- You must make a preliminary study of the quality of the ground: this pool settles more easily on the ground with a slight slope, we must also see the quality of the bottom soil (limestone, sand, mud, etc.) to protect the foundations properly. Some cellars are not compatible ...

-It is very difficult or impossible to transform an ordinary swimming pool into an infinity without a high budget and hard work (major works, water system, ...).

Expert intervention is recommended for swimming pools, such as maintenance of horizontal work ideal for water surface, design and implementation of equipment (buffer tank, level sensor, filtering pump, recycling pump, painting, water distribution, cover) to guarantee long-term peace and low maintenance.

-To get the water waterfall effect, you need a gentle slope just after the adjustment cycle is finished. The slope must be enough to be invisible from the other side of the pool, in order to get visual effects on the horizon that blends with the edge of the pool, Also don’t forget the pool lights.

An infinity pool will provide an automatic acidity controller, a more anti-limescale treatment until the carbon dioxide injector to overcome the natural secretion of carbon dioxide. This is not mandatory, but recommended.

-You should also invest in two pumps and two level sensors to ensure comfort: one for filter, one for water flooding.

- Install the valve check in the temporary tank when the pump stops. If one does not wish to receive rain water (contaminated water, acid, etc.) from the flood pitfalls you must lift the outer edge to prevent runoff water to the buffer tank.

If you need inspiration you can easily find Infinity pool images here on homify and collect them in an ideabook for your further reference.