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Kitchen Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

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    Need help with your kitchen?
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    Need help with your kitchen?
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    Need help with your kitchen?
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    Need help with your kitchen?

Ideas and inspirations for kitchens

Having a well organised and tastefully decorated kitchen is a prerequisite for every home. This is not a space that you can easily and frequently renovate. The costs of doing so are also considerable. So you need to plan well for this space of yours.

It would be better not to consider your kitchen merely a place for cooking foods and washing dishes. Nowadays with open floor plan in place, kitchens share the same space as the living room and dining parlour. It is in this area where family members meet over a hearty meal sharing the tides of the day with each other.

Dinner parties and reunions with old friends may end up in this area as well. Maintaining proper hygiene in this space is also highly important for the well being of your family.

Kitchen colour scheme

Modern homes seem to be in love with all white interior. A colour scheme dominated by white is suitable for decorating a neatly organised and stylish kitchen []. Tactfully varying the texture between the walls or walls and ceiling can introduce an element of surprise.

Shades of yellow are another all time favourite. Warm yellow helps to bounce off natural and artificial light in all areas of the room leaving no corner dark or gloomy. Yellowish tones are said to promote socialisation. For a striking look you can paint this space with shades of amber, citrine, mustard, beige, khaki, creamy yellow or saffron. If at any point of time the interior seems to be too glaring use neutral shades or white to tone it down.

For small kitchens, extra care is needed while choosing colour scheme. Certain dark tones can make them look cramped and depressing. When using darker tones in small spaces, you must also have ample lighting to keep the interior cheerful at any point of time during the day.

Smart layouts for your kitchen

Due to sheer availability of choices, when it comes to choosing an appropriate layout for kitchens, many people start to feel slightly clueless. A smart layout can improve the efficiency and substantially reduce your workload. In other words, with right layout you will have less running around to do.

To choose a proper layout think well about the space you are about to decorate. When space is not a constraining factor it is better to honour the classic triangle between sink, oven and refrigerator. U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens can help you to make optimal use of the corner spaces.

Opting for a galley style is preferable for those homes having an oblong kitchen. Small contemporary apartments or one room apartments can make efficient use of one wall kitchens.

How to design an elegant kitchen?

A deliciously decorated kitchen must have the right combination of flooring, furniture and colour scheme. For easy maintenance, choose right materials for this space. From porcelain tiles to wood, terracotta to stone, vinyl to cork the available choices for flooring are many.

The same applies for the selection of worktops. This is one space that makes frequent uses of colourful ceramic tiles to stylise its interior. But you need not be worried. Our suggestions, tips and tricks [] will help you to choose the right materials for a fashionable kitchen.

An elegantly decorated space should also have a stylish breakfast table and chairs. Bar stools can be placed alongside the counter. Most importantly, have ample storage space in this area. Colour coordinate each and give this space a chic appearance.

Feng shui tips

For health and well being of your family, you may be interested to design this space based on the traditional wisdom of feng shui. Feng shui recommends a well balanced interior décor and easy flow of positive energy throughout this area. Access to natural light and air is highly essential for any feng shui compliant space.

Specific design requirements change and configurations differ considerably from one place to another. These elements depend on your personality, the location of the house and direction of this space itself.

Feng shui discourages the central location of the kitchen as with its energising presence it is capable of interrupting the peaceful ambience of the house. Kitchens occupying east, northeast or southeast corner of a building is highly favoured.

According to its design philosophy, the doors must not open towards bedrooms or toilets. Feng shui also recommends use of earthen shades in combination of other more energising colours to offset the already warm atmosphere. Using eco friendly and sustainable materials is also preferred for this space.

Tips to choose right kitchen cabinets

Market is replete with trendy kitchen cabinets. But the best ones for you would be those that improve the efficiency of this space. Going for fully customisable option is best, but not always affordable. However, in the long run, kitchen cabinets customised to your needs may yield greater benefits. Besides, they would reduce the costs of repeated remodelling.

Use elaborate drawers under the worktop and island. Utilise these drawers to store items that are frequently needed. Wall hanging cabinets [] and shelves increase the storage space. Wall cabinets extending to the ceiling can be used to tuck in those items that are required only occasionally.

Cabinets made of natural or engineered wood are highly cherished. Mahogany, maple, walnut or bamboo can be used to build durable and stylish cabinets. Storage units with lacquered finish give a lustrous makeover to any space like this.

Big ideas small kitchens

Decorating a small kitchen can cause a significant headache to the modern homeowners. But as you start designing this space, your worries are bound to dissipate. Choose a layout that is suited for you’re a small space. One wall, L-shaped, walk through or galley kitchens are some of the preferred options for small homes.

Install wall hanging cabinets and shelves. Build pot racks to store your kitchen utensils. Replace your bulky kitchen island with a modish and lightweight table. Avoid all kinds of clutter. Use mirrors or glossy surfaces to give an expansive feel. Add LED strips to illuminate the space. Chic pendant lighting can be used for its decorative presence.

For an extremely narrow space use of roll out kitchen cabinets, drop down or wall mounted tables etc can prove to be more functional. Foldaway tables, chairs or backless stools that can be easily tucked under the countertop can help you make a more efficient use of the available space.

Ideas for outdoor kitchens

Outdoor entertainment zones must also boast of a well decorated outdoor kitchen. When available space is small, you can extend a portion of your existing kitchen to the outdoor area you are planning to decorate. You can also build a simple barbecue area in one corner of your terrace.

When you are not plagued by such concerns, you can build a standalone and fully furnished space to serve sumptuous dinners to your guests. Remember to arrange for the basics first. A grill, minimal worktop, outdoor refrigeration, simple shelves and elaborate seating arrangements are all that you require in this space of yours.

As you can see the requirements are no way as extensive as its indoor counterpart. Unless you plan to use this space every evening, consider having portable ovens, side burner and pizza oven. If you do not like carrying dirty dishes inside, install a dishwasher here.

Buy appropriate lighting fixtures to brighten up the area and set the right tone. Buy furniture that is capable of withstanding the elements of nature. Choose weather resistant canvas cover for cushions and upholstery. For a more romantic atmosphere hang mesh curtains around the kitchen cum dining parlour.

Kitchen design

The design should be compatible with the rest of your apartment or house. If you have followed a Scandinavian style for the interior of your home, you should follow the same in this space too. There could be a few minor exceptions, but an industrial kitchen décor would be out of place in a home designed in Scandinavian style. There are a variety options for you to choose from.

Country style kitchen

Use of warm tones, natural wood flooring and furniture, ceramic tiles to stylise the feature wall and stone worktops are common in a country style kitchen. Country kitchens [] boast of a spacious interior made more cheerful by large windows. Handcrafted items of furniture, crockery and cookware can help you to induce the right kind of flavour in this space.

Malaysian kitchen design

Malaysian city homes are opting for a more international look for kitchens. But traditional Malaysian kitchen décor is very far from being obsolete. In fact, traditional design aesthetics is being revived to give a unique feel to modern kitchens. Timber being a highly coveted material is frequently used for flooring and furniture.

Typically guests are not entertained in this area and the dining space is kept separate from the kitchen. Kitchens often have a direct access to a pavilion or balcony. Large windows secured by decorative panels keep the space well ventilated. Hand embroidered curtains and area rugs are used to decorate the space. Use of locally woven organic mats and blinds is also common.

Minimalist design

To avoid building a cramped looking space, modern homes are increasingly following minimalist style [] to decorate this space. This style is perfectly suited to small homes. A minimally decorated kitchen uses subtle colours, understated décor and the bare essential furniture important for creating a functional space. The only exception is the storage space. Very detailed arrangement for storage is created which also helps to build a clutter free and charming space.