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Adding a taste of the Mediterranean to your kitchen

A kitchen is more than the place where meals are prepared; it is the heart of the home. Families gather to prep meals, catch up with each other, and socialise with friends. This means that the kitchen is more than simply a functional part of the home: it has become a stylish living space.

Designing a Mediterranean kitchen could be just what you want in a casual and inviting entertainment area reminiscent of a laid-back villa in Sorrento. Here you can entertain guests.  However, a Mediterranean kitchen is more than suggestive of white beaches and sunny days in which you are enjoying a healthy Mediterranean diet. Such a work area offers a more balanced lifestyle while enjoying the space used the most.

However, decorating the kitchen doesn’t come cheap. It may indeed be one of the most expensive rooms in a home. The decision of finishes, cupboards, most suitable lighting, equipment and taps, will all affect the budget, but also the look and feel of the room. With clever planning by professional kitchen designers, however, costs can be well managed. Your kitchen will in the end be not only practical but magnificent, and last you for many years.

What are the basics when designing a practical kitchen?

Irrespective of the style of kitchen you are installing, you should ensure that the layout is practical. One of the best formulas in kitchen design is the working triangle – thus easy access between the sink, oven and fridge. You could have a ‘U’-shaped design, this will help creating that triangle, and alternatively you could add an island.

Always try to invest in the best quality equipment, namely, the best stove, dishwasher, double-door fridge, large sink, and taps you can afford.

Also, make sure that your kitchen has sufficient illumination. If you have large windows, let the sunshine enter the room during the day, but add sufficient functional lighting in the form of downlights, under-cupboard lights and pendants over an island where food is prepped. If you wish to be on trend, yet maintaining the Mediterranean style, use copper light fittings.

What are the basics for setting up a Mediterranean kitchen?

If you have the skeleton of the kitchen right, you can add in some style that will make the room an inviting space. However, be reminded that you do not have to be limited to a traditional Mediterranean kitchen; instead, you can use elements of this style which display a modern interpretation.

You do not necessarily need all the elements of the traditional Mediterranean style. Instead, you can successfully use well-chosen elements which reflect the look accurately.

Start with your cupboards
Having enough storage space in any kitchen is important. A Mediterranean style demands curves. You can introduce this near the cupboards in a more modern way by limiting the curved details to the island. Or you can add a free-standing wooden antique cupboard, keeping the rest of the cupboards simple.

Make a statement with your floor or splashback
With tiles costing around RM9 - RM60 per square feet, excluding installation, you can make a statement by using mosaic tiles with your ceramic tiles, such as Saltillo floor tiles. Alternatively, apply ornately designed, hand-painted tiles as your splashback, and even on the side of your island. If you wish to limit the number of decorative tiles you could play it safe by placing them only near your cupboards or sink. Either way, not only will they give the kitchen a clear Mediterranean personality, you will have a unique detail that will spark conversation.

Spend on your counter tops
You can go for basic cupboards, but do not skimp on your counter tops. A Mediterranean kitchen is nothing without marble. Terrazzo marble is currently very trendy. However, you can also use granite or quartz. In addition, the price of granite and quartz is not that dissimilar, with prices per foot around RM 190. Do speak to a professional who can advise you on the thickness, edging, and type that will work best in your kitchen.

Don’t forget about colour!
It may be difficult deciding on the right colour. With the Mediterranean style, luckily, you aren’t limited to earthy browns ─ you can also go for greens and blues. For instance, if most of the room is neutral, you can add impact by painting your cupboard doors a bright blue, such as found on the rooftops of homes in Santorini.

Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways of changing a room, around RM40 per square feet: most people can afford to alter the appearance of their rooms this way. You can also add colour by using carefully selected accessories, including your kettle, toaster, and a bowl for fresh fruit.