Modern kitchen inspiration

Ideas and inspirations for modern kitchens

In last three quarters of a century or so, our kitchens have undergone massive changes. Change in internal architecture, advanced technology and introduction of new cooking friendly appliances have greatly influenced a modern kitchen design.

Early 20th century kitchens were very different from the ones that you now come to see now, appreciate and also work in. This space was roomier then, but it was hardly as neatly organised as it is now. Having modern gadgetry was out of question. Ovens, chimneys and shelves were basic. In bigger houses, storage room was separate from the kitchen [].

Having a secondary dining or breakfast room was customary to many traditional homes. More than one person often used to work in this area, so separate arrangements for them were available.

Primary features of a modern kitchen

Space is a constraining factor for many modern homes. So, modern kitchens generally occupy lesser amount of space than their earlier counterparts. Making optimal use of the available area remains a primary focus for the architects and interior designers.

Modern kitchens make smart use of newly developed and advanced materials, appliances, trendy furniture, chic lighting fixtures and elaborate storage. It is constructed with durable materials, is easier to maintain and comfortable for working long hours.

A variety of layouts suitable for modern homes have been developed for this space. Use of eco friendly materials is on the rise. Also, as you will shortly see, modern kitchen design is not exactly one dimensional in nature. You can introduce an element of fun, futurism and even industrial flavour in your modern kitchen.

Flooring materials for modern kitchens

Earlier flooring options were limited to wood, stone and ceramic or terracotta tiles. Now, to build a sleek space, a large number of options are available for you. Porcelain tiles are hardly and waterproof. Engineered or recycled wood and stone can give a similar look and feel, but are more cost effective than their original counterparts.

Vinyl and wood laminate look stylish and are easy to clean. Rubber flooring is comfortable to the feet. Dyed o textured concrete can reproduce virtually any look for a chic interior. Carpet tiles are comfortable, slip-free, child and elderly friendly.

Bamboo and cork are sustainable sources for flooring materials. Both of them are very comfortable to the feet and affordable. Bamboo is durable and capable of giving a charming makeover to your modern kitchen. The beauty of travertine, terrazzo, mosaic, marble, granite or natural hardwood cannot be ignored at all. Most of the hardwood species have natural insect repellent qualities very useful for a hygienic space.

Colour scheme for modern kitchens

Modern kitchens prefer a neutral to warm colour scheme. Pure to delicate shades of white like seashell, beige, cream or champagne seems to be a preferred choice. However, do not be shy to experiment with colours in this space. If this area of yours doubles up as a social hub or is part of a larger living cum dining room, then you can easily introduce splashes of dazzling tones in here.

Shades of yellow are known to create a genial atmosphere and are very suitable for a modern kitchen. If need be, mix it up with white or neutral tones to give it a graceful and subtle look. You can use tiles with geometric or simple patterns to decorate your feature wall or the small area behind the worktop.

Shades of blue and dark grey can give a cool finish to the walls. But when using such cool or dark shades, make sure to have ample lighting, so that you do not end up building a gloomy and unappealing space. If you make extensive use of natural wood or materials with wood texture then you end up having a stylish and naturally warm kitchen interior.

Best materials for a modern kitchen work top

Here you are not only making a stylistic choice, but deciding on something that may significantly affect your efficiency. We are all aware about the time and effort one needs to put into maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen. Choices of materials can considerably bring down the amount of time wasted in the process of cleaning and maintaining this space.

Stainless is sleek and durable. Professional spaces seem to be in love with this kind of worktop. Your kitchen can benefit from using it too. Laminate is easy to clean and affordable. Granite and quartz can give a very elegant facelift to this part of your building. They are hardy and boast of a unique look. Wood is an all time favourite. The classy looks of stone and wood are highly cherished in Asian homes. Toughened glass can be used for its dramatic presence.

Choice of kitchen cabinets

This is another drastic change from older kitchens which boasted of little or no cabinets. Asian homes used to have a separate space for storing food materials and other items. Now you have plenty of options for stylish cabinets and other kinds of storage units for your modern kitchen.

While decorating a space from scratch or renovating an older one, decide in advance how much storage you would exactly require. The size of your cabinets and the layout of this space will depend on these factors. From floor to wall cabinets to stand alone display cases, wall mounted shelves to spacious drawers the choices are many.

There are also framed and frameless varieties for you to choose from. Frameless ones are sleeker and more appropriate for a contemporary setting. Like any other kind of furniture, wood is still the preferred material for kitchen cabinets. You can choose very elegant cabinets made of oak, mahogany, cedar or pine.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is affordable and capable of giving a smooth and stylish finish to your kitchen furniture. They are easy to clean as well and reasonably capable of withstanding smoke, oil and moisture. Cabinets [] made of particle boards or engineered wood offer another pocket friendly solution.

For a sleek décor do not ignore the power of aluminium cabinets. They are extremely easy to maintain and reasonably durable. For a refined charm look no further than glass cabinets or those manufactured from a combination of wood and glass. This type of storage units tends to create a more expansive looking interior.

Depending on the rest of the décor, choose storage units with a glossy finish or matte. If you have used glossy materials for flooring, walls, ceiling or countertops give your cabinets a satin or matte finish and vice versa. However, these are only the two broad categories. When using wooden cabinets you can opt for a variety of chic looks by giving them a shellac, lacquered, varnish or polyurethane finish.

Furniture for modern kitchens

Of course, cabinets are not the only type of furniture [] you are going to use in a modern space like this. More often than not, this space is supposed to accommodate a small breakfast area too. You would require seating arrangements around the counter and, if you often use this space for small family parties, have extra chairs or stools ready for the guests.

Choose furniture that is trendy, lightweight and do not cause any sense of clutter. Chic bar stools can be set around the counter. Backless stools can be easily tucked under counters and tables. In a small space, install a corner sofa or a simple bench along with a dining table with a simple and minimal look.

For small spaces, you can also buy a small transparent acrylic or glass top dining table and a set of moulded plastic, cast aluminium, foldaway wooden or plywood chairs. Like other items of décor, natural wood has an edge in this case too. But for a modern look it would be better to shun curvy and overly ornate styles.

When not using upholstered chairs, decorate them with beautiful cushions. Make sure the colours coordinate well with other parts of the kitchen. Cotton and linen are both hygienic and easy to clean. So you can use these types of fabrics for upholstery. You can also stylise your kitchens with charming curtains, blinds or shades. But remember to use such materials that are easy to maintain and appropriate for a high moisture environment.

Some more modern kitchen ideas

It would be incorrect to think modern kitchen ideas are limited in number and not so imaginative. In fact, existing practices, local traditions, individual comfort and newest inventions in architecture and design have contributed to an extensive set of style very different from each other. But they are all connected by a fundamental thread, that is, in essence they are all modern.

Minimalistic kitchen design

Because there is always a necessity of building a clutter free environment, you will see a restricted use of furniture and décor in any modern kitchen. But minimally decorated spaces use an even simpler style. The use of décor and other accessories are limited to the bare minimum. The focus firmly remains of building a stylish, contemporary and roomy space.

Scandinavian modern kitchen ideas

Scandinavian homes are known to make a widespread use of natural wood and other eco friendly materials. They decorate a space minimally. Modern Scandinavian kitchens prefer using a neutral and simplified colour palette. These spaces boast of large windows often giving access to the beauty of the surroundings.