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Living room Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect living room?

As living rooms are one of the most lived-in rooms in our home, where we relax with our families and entertain guests, it is always important to style a perfect living room. The ideal room should always maintain our favourite styles, tastes, themes and décor and be a perfect display of who we are as individuals. Comfort, style, simplicity and liveliness are all the perfect combination that should be included in your perfect living room!

Where can I find living room ideas & inspiration?

Although inspiration is all around you by means of magazines, friends homes, display and interior design stores, here at Homify we offer all that, and more, from the comfort of your home. You can search our extensive database by room, style and even geographic location and if that still doesn’t have what you’re looking for, use our search bar to find everything from certain colours and patterns and even designers. Ideabooks are also a perfect way to accumulate your inspirations and dreams and keep them all handy and accessible in one click!

What exactly can I do to my living room?

If you’re looking to make a slight renovation or try something new in your living room then maybe all you need is a single weekend to rearrange some furnishings, add a new wall colour or feature wall and some new décor. There are plenty of DIY projects that can save you both time and money and give you a new look in your living room, for less. When styling, the use of space is crucial, especially in smaller living rooms and especially with larger living rooms, creating a space that is cosy and feels homey is all the more important. Select a specific colour scheme to work with so that way your inspirations are narrowed down, making the overal design easier on yourself. You can also create the perfect mood and add the finishing touches with bright colours, unique decorations and balance the right furnishings with plenty of seating for guests!

What wall colour should I choose for my living room?

Perhaps one of the most important questions when designing any room in your home, the wall colour is how you create the first impression, the right mood and the right atmosphere. A living room is where most occupants spend a lot of their time and it’s more often the largest area of the home, so making sure you strategically pick the right colours is very important here. For larger living rooms you can stick with darker or more bold colours to make the space feel a bit cosier and for smaller living rooms, we suggest that you stick with lighter colours and pastels. If you have a smaller living room and wish to include some major colour tricks, then why not try a feature wall as not to create the illusion of less space and still get a great amount of colour?

What type of flooring should I put in my living room?

This is a great question and depending on the size of your room, the budget and the wear-and-tear it experiences, you should make a careful decision. Floor styles can range from natural stone and wood, to tiles and carpeting. No matter what you choose, remember that rugs and larger carpets can protect your flooring and be a great way to bring some colours, patterns and even textures into your living room. If you’re looking for a classy, highly-polished look, then sleek wood floors and tiles are elegant and if you’re looking for something more rustic raw wood floors are great. For modern, minimal or industrial-style living rooms, consider concrete!

What living room design is right for me?

The design of your living room depends on your family situation, your tastes and of course your budget. If you tend to have an active life and barely be at home or entertain then perhaps a minimalist or modern living room is best for you, so when it comes time to move there is less of a hassle. If you have a large family and tend to have family gatherings and entertaining on the weekends, then taking the time to explore your options if crucial. The rustic, modern, tradition and classic styles are best for this type of setting and especially looking at the right furnishings to provide comfortably for everyone that might come over.

Do you have any specific tips for decorating my living room?

Here at Homify, we are all about tips and tricks for decorating in a time-saving and costly manner! For smaller rooms, make the most of the space by using wall and ceiling space and multi-functional furniture – for example, accent and side tables that include light fixtures that are built-in. Never go overboard with decorating and accessories because this can instantly make rooms look smaller and overly cluttered! Use large-format art work and mirrors for grand, visual statements and pull all the details out for a finishing touch. Think about proper lighting that can highlight the best features of your living room, as well as fresh bouquets of flowers for a personal touch!

How do I use accessories in my living room?

Accessories can be the finishing touch to any room, but you should only use them in accordance with your overall theme. A modern, minimalist, or Scandinavian-style living room will include far less accessories than their more traditional counterparts so the ones you choose should have a lot of impact. Think about rugs or great throws and geometric cushions. The best part about accessories is that they are 100% temporary, so as your situation or style changes, so can they

How do I deal with a small living room?

Yes, smaller spaces can always present more challenges with design than larger areas, but that’s okay and certainly is no reason to panic! Smaller living rooms should be multifunctional and use space more efficiently. This should include lighter colours, mirrors and less accessories and décor than larger rooms. Use clever layouts and partitioning methods to create the illusion of more space as well. And as usual, natural light is your best friend!

Is there a style guide for designing & decorating a living room?

How to: Scandinavian-style living rooms

A Scandinavian-style living room consists of light colours, great wall art and retro-inspired Scandinavian furnishings. Scandinavian furnishings always tend to be medium-sized and this is perfect for smaller and medium-sized living rooms. Think about super-modern art works and posters, as well as great shelving systems to keep all of your décor and colours off the floor and on the walls to keep your space as functional as possible.

How to: Minimalist living rooms

Drawing on the techniques of minimalist architecture, minimalism is all about the essentials. . Stark colour palettes (white) and minimal furniture combines well with open-concept living spaces where the goal is to decrease the amount of items and live in a minimalist way. The true challenge is creating a minimalist living room without making it seem too cold and alienating.

How to: Classic living rooms

A classic living room is perfect for large families and families with children. General larger, spacious and with an abundance of natural light, classic designs will be comfortable, offer generous seating and lots of colours, patterns and textures. Everything you need should be accessible and convenient, making your busy life easier and additional décor and accessories should be chosen based off your theme and/or colour palette.

How to: Rustic-style living rooms

Here at Homify we have an abundance of pictures of large and grand rustic living rooms, and for good reason – they’re wonderful. Think about large, spacious windows, long floor-to-ceiling curtains and drapes as well as cosy fireplaces and raw wood timber flooring. Always a place where families can feel comfortable and cosy coming together for family parties and special holidays.

How to: Modern living rooms

Modern living rooms are perfectly situated between essential minimalism and the new energy of classic designs. Never unorganized or chaotic, they combine storage space, technical skills and brilliant design with designer accessories and furnishings and abundant, fresh lighting. Think white walls, with timeless art work and photographic features as well as slightly Scandinavian or minimalist furnishings.