Modern living room ideas

Modern interior design aims to transform any space with trendy but comfortable style. Use of overly theatrical décor, bulky furniture and too many items are shunned at all costs. The focus remains on creating a spacious modern living room, designed in latest style, with high-quality items. But take care not to turn it into a showpiece of sort.

Like the choice of furniture, an unassuming style must be heeded to for the colour scheme and selection of decorative items. For creating a modern living room, large windows and ample artificial lighting are preferred. Use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials is highly encouraged. Nowadays, you will increasingly see a skillful integration of environment friendly furniture, blinds or curtain, rugs and fabric in modern living room designs.

How can I create a modern living room?

There was once a time when living room furniture occupied the space against or close to the walls. Then interior architects and designers started experimenting with new layouts. In mid-20th century, several newer modern living room designs and layouts started to come to the fore. Though earlier practices have not been discarded at all, the later additions opened up several opportunities of making a more effective use of the available space.

Before deciding on your modern living room design, measure the actual space, how much of it do you want to utilise for furniture and, while refurbishing an existing space, what are the objects you are thinking of replacing. Moreover, take into consideration the number of guests you usually entertain and any other possible uses for your living room such as a home office or media room.

A reasonably expansive living area can accommodate at least a couple of three-seater couches, along with two simple chairs. If you do not require such elaborate seating arrangements, place a single two or three-seater sofa, along with a couple of chairs. A sectional sofa is perfect for corners. On homify, you will find several modern living room ideas suitable for all kinds of spaces.

A stylish coffee table can be placed in the middle. Nested coffee tables are functional and gorgeous additions to modern living rooms. A simple T.V. cabinet is a must for this space. If space is not a constraining factor, you can use a display unit that doubles up as a T.V. cabinet. A fashionable hall table or dresser, decorated beautifully with potted plants or small sculptures, would be a chic addition to this space.

Which colours should i choose for a modern living room?

Modern décor favours an extensive use of neutral or subtle shades. But for your modern living room, you can make some exceptions to this rule and personalise it according to your tastes. For a charming ambience, you may opt for a tonal colour scheme. Pick a single tone and use varying shades of the same for your walls, ceiling, furniture and upholstery.

Selecting a complementary colour scheme may induce a sense of drama. For example, you can opt for black and white, combine creamy white with chestnut brown or pale grey with lustrous red. This type of scheme is daring and more impactful than any other choices.

Lastly, you can go for a harmonious colour palette. Choose shades that are next to each other or are found close by on a colour wheel and give a relaxing makeover to your modern lounge.

How should I furnish my living room to achieve the modern look?

For the interior of a modern living room, look for furniture with a clean and simple form. Sofas must not be bulky. Though comfortable, it must designed with a minimal amount of fuss. Monochromatic sofas or those with subtle geometric patterns can be chosen for this space. For inspiration, you can look for famous sofa designs by the likes of Arne Jacobsen, Fritz Hansen and Hans Olsen.

Choose high quality furniture made of natural wood, plywood, cast iron, aluminium or moulded plastic. Go through the living room section of our magazine to find out more about suitable furniture for modern spaces like these.

A well-decorated lounge area also requires, at least, a couple of chairs. You can buy a sofa set that includes matching chairs, or you can buy them separately, but having an overall harmony in design is very important. For example, you can pair a Barcelona Couch, which is a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich creation, with Barcelona Chairs, also designed by the famous designer duo. However, pairing a similar couch with modern wicker chairs would be a recipe for a dissonant looking space.

You can choose iconic mid-century modern designs of Gio Ponti, Eero Saarinen, Pierre Paulin, Vernor Panton, Shiro Kuramata or any of the stylish Charles and Ray Eames. You can select any of their modern counterparts as well. Sofas and chairs of this type are modish, take less space and appropriate for a modern setting.

Coffee tables made of wood, a combination of glass and metal, transparent acrylic or upholstered in fabric look stunning in a modern living room. Unless you wish to make it a focal point of your room, keep your hall tables or dressers simple and discreet.

How can I create a modern living room in a small space?

Decorating a small space can be quite challenging at times. There is a fine line between style and clutter. This becomes additionally difficult, if you live in a one room apartment. So choosing a layout that is suitable for the space and investing in the right kind of furniture are very important.

Take precise measurements, note them down on a piece of paper and carry it with you while going out for shopping. This will ensure you do not end up choosing furniture that is an ill-fit for your small living room. If the space is extremely small, stick to a two-seater sofa with a simple coffee table. Opting for a sofa bed instead of a minimal couch could bring some added benefits.

Keep some stools handy to create extra seating arrangements when necessary. When placing your couch in front of the T.V. cabinet, ensure that there is enough space between the two. Place a stylish area rug to give this space a chic feel. To make use of a corner space, you can place a simple sectional sofa.

When you can afford a little more space, place a couple of elegant chairs. Instead of chairs, a cosily upholstered small bench can serve the purpose. Small upholstered stools with internal storage could be a stylish addition to this space. Using clear acrylic or glass top coffee and side tables can reduce any creeping sense of clutter.

Use appropriate colour schemes and enough lighting fixtures to create a cheerful and bright interior. Spread a small but graceful area rug to augment the beauty of this space. If you are still looking for ideas, browse through our magazine section or get a free consultation from one of the talented interior designer on homify.