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A Scandinavian living room is literally a room where one lives. As the Scandinavian design philosophy brings life into the room and seamlessly integrates the indoors with the outdoors, the Scandinavian living room becomes a living room in the truest sense. The other so-called living rooms are really only sitting rooms or halls. 

The aspect of functionality that is so well emphasized in Scandinavian designs makes these living rooms so practical and liveable. Let us see how one can go about creating a Scandinavian style living space from the basics in a new apartment or a remodel.

How to create a Scandinavian style living room ceiling?

It is best to begin with the ceiling. A ceiling design makes the room look elegant. Usually the ceilings are ignored and hence a ceiling design would add a professional look and feel to the living room design

Scandinavian design uses only natural materials hence wooden ceilings are preferred. One could make a simple design by creating a pergola like framework just by arranging logs of natural solid wood. The wood used in the ceiling could be naturally coloured or alternatively it could be painted white as white is always the dominant colour in Scandinavian design. 

skylight or a roof window is a regular feature in the Scandinavian house. As sunlight streams into the room from above it illuminates the clean lines in the design.

How to design a Scandinavian style living room flooring?

Ideally the flooring needs to be decided next. Again, we have a few options namely stone or wood. Using stone would create a rustic feel. However, choosing wood for flooring would make the living room design contemporary. Plentiful supply of wood from the Nordic region makes this feasible. Oak floors are typical in Scandinavian rooms. Or else the wood could be painted white which is the dominant colour in the Scandinavian design. So, the flooring should be as light as possible to create the illusion of a spacious living room. In large living rooms a black and white colour pattern flooring could be included in a small section of the space. Wall to wall carpets are never used while a stylish rug is common in Scandinavian homes.

How to decorate the Scandinavian style living room walls?

The colour palette of the Scandinavian design is quite simple. The design could be completed with a single colour in the palette namely white, as white on white combination is a recurring feature in the Scandinavian style of home décor. If one prefers to use another colour it is necessary to stick to only mild hues in accordance to the Scandinavian design philosophy. The idea is to keep the room as light as possible to make the ambience as bright as possible. The simplicity of the Scandinavian design philosophy is emphasised by the uniformity in the colour theme without any sharp contrasts. 

Large openings are the staple of Scandinavian design, sometimes covering the whole wall, commonly the south facing ones; to let natural light and fresh air into the room. Living rooms are ideal to connect with the outside world. Hence open outdoor spaces in the house need to be seamlessly integrated with living room. They bring meaning and life into the living room and make an interesting combination of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Heavy curtains and any other window treatments that obstruct light are always avoided, and the choice of window treatments are limited to light, sheer or white or no curtains. 

Wooden wall claddings or white painted brick in a section of a wall could serve as simple accents. A gallery wall with portraits is a sufficient decorative element in minimalistic design. It is Scandinavian style of home décor to add something like a real cow skull. Minimalistic wall storage cabinets add functionality and variety to the wall.

What lighting to fix in the Scandinavian living room?

Lighting are a major part of the Scandinavian style of home décor. Pendants and hanging light fixtures are widely used in Scandinavian interiors. Dangling caged lightbulbs are a creative alternative to a chandelier or typical track lighting, all of which could commonly be found in Scandinavian housing. A designer floor lamp adds a special touch.

What furniture to install in the Scandinavian living room?

The Scandinavian rooms are intended to be spacious. Hence use only essential furniture and avoid clutter and any unnecessary items in the living room. 

A couch and other seating arrangement such as ottoman and recliners need to be included. A designer or rustic coffee table and a tufted sofa are common. At the least a minimum of one or a couple of IKEA furniture could well be considered to be included. 

The furniture colours are white, natural wood, black or grey. The furniture design has to be minimum yet highly functional and practical to use. One has to remember to include shelving for storage. Never forget that the Scandinavian design philosophy is ‘little is more.’

What accents are included in the Scandinavian living room?

Accents are primarily provided in Scandinavian design with the brilliant use of textures. Fur is used to create a feel of warmth. A pop of colour is added using cushions. Brightly coloured and textured rugs are added to break the monotony in the design. Zebra stripes and black and white checks are guideline examples. Bright purple, yellow or red is generally used sparingly to create an interesting balance. Potted plants are a usual way to accentuate the Scandinavian living room. Traditional fireplaces are a compulsory decorative element in the Scandinavian living rooms which should never be ignored. One must use a traditional model or design a fireplace for the living room.

Designing a Scandinavian living room could be as interesting as living in one. One has to have an eye for detail and has to be modernistic in one’s design outlook to be able to successfully create a contemporary Scandinavian style living room - we have the right professionals that support you!