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What are the options for the flooring in a tropical living room?

Stunning variations of dark natural woods that compliment the rich design theme of a tropical living room has the greatest potential in a traditional setting as well as a modern setting. This type of floor is perfect for this tropical themed living room, as they create a great design element in their colour and their texture. The colour should preferably be a deep coffee colour as to break away from the lighter aspects of the rest of the room.

An alternative option for hardwood floors is laminate wood flooring. This a great alternative if hardwood floors are too rich in colour, or perhaps they are too expensive, laminate serves as a more affordable, and comes in a variety of colours and textures. Laminate flooring has a massive price range in South Africa, starting at ZAR 150 all the way to ZAR 550 per square metre. The price obviously depends on what the style is, what the colour is, what the texture is and how much of the flooring you will require.

The final option for the flooring in a tropical style living room would be to add tiling to your floors. Now depending on how modern or how tropical the designer, decorator or homeowner has done the other components, the tiles can be ceramic, slate, or terracotta. These are three main options given due to their compatibility with the tropical style decor. All three of these tiles come in a wide range of colours, and the deciding choice will be up to the interior designer, the interior decorator or the homeowner.

How can I decorate my tropical style living room?

The tropical style of interior design allows for a variety of styles, colours and textures that most of the other categories of design do not. A colourful and functional accent table is the best way to start decorating your living room. These little side tables can add such a burst of personality that can tie the whole room together with ease. They can be heavily detailed with hand carved designs or they can be plain and simple.

Secondly, we can look at a popular tropical lifestyle element that is wicker or grass lampshades. These are a smart way to recycle natural materials found in nature, and are relatively cheap depending on their size and their maker. Not only the lampshades have to be wicker, there are stunning chandeliers that are also made from this versatile material and serve a great function, for lighting, as well as a clever and subtle way to decorate the room at the same time.

Next up for discussion are colourful cushions found on the chairs and the couches in the living room. Another kind of cushion that could be used as decoration and a functional foot rest, is commonly known as a ‘poof’ in South Africa. These are usually stuffed with newspaper or a slighting thicker, heavier material so that they maintain their shape over time. The cushions on the couches and the foot rests, can be designed in a variety of colours such as coffee brown, red, or even turquoise.

Another smart decorative aspect that could be added to a tropical style living room is a fun textured wallpaper. The wallpaper could have images of large tropical leaves or of tropical flowers to really emphasize the design style that the interior designer or decorator is aiming to achieve with the rest of the living room’s interior. Wallpaper is making a come back in the interior design industry, as many thought of it as being old fashioned and outdated, but now has modern patterns and colours to choose from.

What colours best suit a tropical living room?

The tropical interior design scheme is unique in terms of the colours and textures that the designer can get away with, and combine successfully. One of these colours is blue. Although it may seem uncommon, the colour blue can be used in many ways in the tropical living room, such as in the wallpaper that was discussed earlier as a decorative tool. The blue should be subtle and not too overpowering as it could be mistaken as eclectic instead of tropical.

The second colour that could be used as a base colour in a tropical style living room is beige or a soft brown. This is a perfect way for the room to balance the other bold and bright colours in the room. This colour works best in the larger pieces in the room, such as the couches, the chairs and the curtains.

Dark brown or a coffee colour is a great way to combine the dark and the light colours inside the living room. This is best done when the colour is in the ceilings, in the wooden beams that are added for structure as well as for decorative effect. Although, this rich colour may also be used on the floors in the hardwood or laminate flooring that was mentioned earlier. This dark brown colour can also work well in the other pieces of furniture and decorative accessories.

Finally, we can talk about the ice breaker colour, that is cream. This colour serves as a hypothetical pallet cleanser for the homeowner, as it creates a decluttering effect from all the colours, all the accessories and the different types of textures that have already been placed in the living room. One of the best places to use this colour is in the curtains. This is because the colour cream is soothing as well as reflective when the natural light shines on it, which will create an instant brightening to the room.