Log cabin: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The log cabins or cottages are smaller houses that are normally developed in a rural environment and are made with simple materials. For many Malaysians, this type of housing is an ideal alternative to spend the summer on the beach or the countryside. Whether for rent or as a summer property, the cottages are well known among families looking to get away from the city and enjoy a few weeks in a quieter atmosphere.

One of the characteristics that distinguishes them from single-family homes is that they are usually constructed of lightweight materials such as wood, OSB or fiber cement. Although there are also some built in solid material such as concrete and stone.

In addition to having a single floor and characterized by a simpler architectural design, log cabins are very simple as a project, faster to be completed, and generally less complex in its construction than a traditional house. Being built mostly prefabricated or from recycled wood, it avoids the excessive use of material, human resources, and construction time.

How much does it cost to build a log cabin in Malaysia?

Just as many people dream of building their own little house on the outskirts of town, many are interested in starting with a log cabin, because building a home of these characteristics is not difficult. Even when you have little experience in construction projects, cabins are simple structures, easy to plan and build.

In addition, the prices of these are usually not very high. To date, it is estimated that the value of a simple cottage of no more than two rooms can fluctuate between RM 1500 and RM 12000 . It is important to mention that these prices are an estimate and may vary depending on factors such as the quality of the materials, the duration of the work and the dimensions.

At the same time, an alternative to starting a small log cabin is to resort to the well-known prefabricated houses , as they have the same simple building system. The only difference between the two is that it is now possible to find more solid and durable structures in prefabricated houses than in the former ones. Either way, this will determine the final value of the home that in the case of prefabricated houses is usually higher.

What do you have to know when building your own log cabin?

The first thing you have to consider before launching yourself into the project to build one is to consider the size and shape of the plot on which the house is to be installed. In addition to analyzing the option of installing a septic tank, in case it is a rural land that does not have access to the sewage system.

Once the terrain is established, it is important to draw the plans of your log cabin, either from the outside or the interior of the cottage. This will help determine the building materials to be used, for example, the amount of wood that will be required for construction, number of doors, windows and amount of foundation cement. All this information will help determine the costs of the construction and the price of the materials, thus obtaining a final cost of the work.

It is important to consider that in Malaysia a construction permit must be obtained by the government before construction begins. This information can be obtained directly from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning and their respective regional Seremis.

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What is the ideal decoration for my log cabin?

Since the highlight of such a home is rest and relaxation, it is important to consider that the space within it help us to achieve that goal. Betting on a simple design in the structure, with windows and wide doors that let in enough light and pure air to all your rooms is essential.

With regard to the use of furniture it is advisable to use, for example, a wooden dining table with benches or an old door recycled as a coffee table. You can also complement the log cabin's rustic decor with bird cage accessories, recycled glass bottles, or handmade dolls. Among some ideas that can help you achieve a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Just remember that the important thing here is not to overload the spaces, since the focus of attention must be outside the house in the activities you can take advantage of to do with your family.

How to make the most of such a small space?

When we say that a log cabin is a house with a simple structure, usually only one storey, it is necessary to consider that the space we have is something between 50m² and 100m². Although there are exceptions (may be smaller or much larger) the concept of log cabin is identified as a simple and small construction that has the right space and necessary to dwell in it for short periods.

When we talk about a small space that is designed for a family to spend the summer in, we can find a comparably large terrace, an entrance hall, one or two bedrooms and a hall. Normally spaces like the living room, dining room and kitchen are connected together to make the most of the space. When it is considered a summer house, the family is not expected to spend much time inside, but to use it to sleep and rest after the day at the beach or the hike in countryside.

An alternative to make the most of the little space available in a small log cabin is to choose light and neutral colors if you want the rooms to look bigger. Whites, beige or gray can be colors that help fulfill this task.

We can not forget the functionality and the pragmatism of the furniture inside. Less is more! The cabins mainly have sofa beds or folding tables that help with household chores but can be replaced at the time of requiring more space. Complementing the rooms with built-in spotlights always helps create a greater sense of space.