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Multi-Family house: design ideas, inspiration and pictures

  1. :  Multi-Family house by 倢居室內設計
  2.  Multi-Family house by  (주)감동C&D 유니박스
  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  4.  Multi-Family house by BENPE ARQUITECTOS
  5.  Multi-Family house by BENPE ARQUITECTOS
  6.  Multi-Family house by GD Arredamenti
  7.  Multi-Family house by The OnGround บริษัทรับสร้างบ้านสไตล์ Modern Japanese
  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  9.  Multi-Family house by kimapartners co., ltd.
  10.  Multi-Family house by Maulik Vyas Architects
  11.  Multi-Family house by tactic-a
  12.  Multi-Family house by Each Studio
  13.  Multi-Family house by KEYSTONE DESIGN STUDIOS
  14.  Multi-Family house by 삼공사건축사사무소
  15.  Multi-Family house by 삼공사건축사사무소
  16.  Multi-Family house by แบบบ้านออกแบบบ้านเชียงใหม่
  17.  Multi-Family house by LEVEL ARCHITECT
  18.  Multi-Family house by LEVEL ARCHITECT
  19.  Multi-Family house by แบบบ้านออกแบบบ้านเชียงใหม่
  20.  Multi-Family house by The OnGround บริษัทรับสร้างบ้านสไตล์ Modern Japanese
  21.  Multi-Family house by Miguel Zarcos Palma
  22.  Multi-Family house by 삼공사건축사사무소
  23.  Multi-Family house by Silvana Barbato, StudioAtelier
  24.  Multi-Family house by 360 Home Interior
  25.  Multi-Family house by Jr Arquitetura + interiores
  26.  Multi-Family house by GD Arredamenti
  27.  Multi-Family house by LEVEL ARCHITECT
  28.  Multi-Family house by Cfolios Design And Construction Solutions Pvt Ltd
  29.  Multi-Family house by Kor Design&Architecture
  30.  Multi-Family house by LK Studio Arquitetura
  31.  Multi-Family house by แบบบ้านออกแบบบ้านเชียงใหม่
  32.  Multi-Family house by JWA,Jun Watanabe & Associates
  33.  Multi-Family house by แบบบ้านออกแบบบ้านเชียงใหม่

A multi-family house is a complex that houses different units of housing, in which each of them lives a single family. However, on many occasions and due to the crisis these homes are also used in a shared way by people who have no family relationship. It is undeniable that these types of houses occupy a large part of the urban fabric of our cities.

These multi-family houses can be built both vertically and horizontally, depending on the characteristics of the terrain.

What are different types of a multi-family housing?

Single storey: A flat in a housing of several rooms distributed in a single floor. This is usually the most economical option for families. Having the spaces separated is conducive to intimacy and it is easy to live comfortably. However, often due to divisions it is not easy to make the most of space. Another disadvantage is that you have to share the floor with other neighbors, which could mean more noises.

Flooring is recommended for couples and families who need different rooms, space and privacy.

Apartments: They are a type of multi-family houses that are grouped in a building that has several floors. It usually has one or two rooms and is designed to meet the needs of one person or a small family of up to four people.

Lofts: Lofts have many advantages. The main thing is that without having divisions you can take advantage of the space to the maximum. They usually have large windows and high ceilings, which conveys a sense of spaciousness and luminosity. The drawback is that it can be difficult to separate the different environments. In addition, they are not recommended for large families, because it could be difficult to avoid disturbing other family members, as well as lack of intimacy can be a problem. That's why the lofts are designed for people living alone or in couple.

Duplex: They are multi-family houses that are distributed in two floors united by a staircase that is inside the same house. In general, they usually have a larger space than a one-story dwelling. Having two floors is easier to distribute different environments and achieve greater privacy.

As an inconvenience, having the ladder may have problems in the future to raise it or we may even be tired having to raise and lower it continuously, although this can be avoided with a good layout. This type of housing is perfect for families who need good division between areas.

Studio: They are floors of reduced dimensions and without divisions, except the essential, like the bathroom.

Their biggest advantage of this type of multi-family house, is the price, since they are usually quite cheap, unless they are rented in a very demanded area.For example you can rent a studio between RM 800 to RM 1300 which is very reasonable. Another advantage that seduces the tenants is the speed with which it is cleaned and everything is in order, even with two hours a week you can have enough to clean them, whenever we think of a small studio, they are perfect for single people and in addition, because of its small size, less furniture is required. As inconveniences, you may feel the lack of privacy or they can also disturb the odors of the kitchen to be an open space.

Ground floor unit: The lower floors are located at the foot of the street. If we choose for example, a duplex or a studio we will have the characteristics of these added to the position in which they are. As a main advantage, being at the street level we avoid having to climb stairs or take the elevator. They can also open onto the patio and can have a terrace or garden. However, being on the street can be noisier if they are not well soundproofed. They may even be more prone to theft, since access is easier. They are recommended mainly to people who value being street level, being very beneficial when the building does not have an elevator.

Penthouses: They always occupy the top floor of the building and although they do not have to be bigger than the rest of the houses, nor do they have to be better distributed, the truth is that being on the last floor will avoid many of the annoyances of the neighbors, especially in a multi-family house which can get very noisy. In addition, they have better views and more lighting, unless we have buildings nearby that prevent us from doing so. On the other hand, most of the attics have large terraces. As an inconvenience, penthouses are usually more expensive than other apartments. Also another disadvantage is the access, in case of breakdown of the elevator you would have to climb more stairs.

Where can I get inspirations to design and build a multi-family house?

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