Nursery/Kid's Room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Ideas for decorating a children’s room or nursery

Providing a comfortable and well decorated space for children is of paramount importance to every parent. It is also one of their privileges. For any child, a room is seldom a space just to sleep at night or take a bit of rest at any point of time during the day. This space must act as a playroom, study, hobby area and comfy bedroom for them. Moreover, the décor should be flexible enough to accommodate their fast changing needs. As you know, children tend to grow up fast and with them change their tastes and requirements.

Why a well planned room is important for every child?

At their impressionable age, children are highly influenced by their environment. Having a well organised and comfortable room positively influences their minds. On the other hand, a gloomy and clumsily decorated nursery or kid’s room can negatively affect your kid’s psyche. Besides, having a clean, organised and well decorated space is essential for maintaining their health and vigour.

By neatly organising a room for your children, you easily can make them understand the importance of having a tidy and uncluttered interior. You will also help them to build their tastes early in life. In future, when they will be old enough to take care of their home they will know how exactly they should manage a space.

A charming interior helps to nurture creativity in kids. Because it is devoid of any clutter or other clumsiness, a nursery like this aids in building concentration during playful activities and studies. It has a calming influence on the mind too.

What are some of the great colour schemes of a children’s room or nursery?

It is common to select a colour scheme dominated by shades of pink for a girl’s room and blue for boys. If they are desired by your little ones, there is no harm in selecting those shades for their rooms. But otherwise, try to experiment with colours with an aim of creating a relaxing space. Consider seeking the opinions of your little ones about the choice of colours.

When decorating a room for an infant, select a calming colour scheme but not dull ones. Bright colours look befitting in a kid’s room. But try not to create a space decorated with splashes of almost every dazzling colour on a colour wheel. It will make the room look gaudy.

Warm colours help to bounce off lights in all directions. When sources of natural light are sparse use warm tones to brighten up the interior. According to feng shui, an all white interior is not suitable for a kid’s room []. It is too energetic and can potentially disturb their sleep pattern.

What are the basic rules for designing a kid’s room?

Keep your child’s personality in mind while decorating a room for him or her. Remember, while decorating a kid’s space, your children’s choices and opinions are more important than yours.

If at any point of time you consider their choices to be harmful for them, beyond your budget or counterproductive in any other way, make them understand your point of view in a very calm and loving way.

Avoid picking something right from the pages of a glossy magazine or online publication, simply because you fell in love with the idea. Consider, if it is suitable for the room you are about to decorate. Similarly, before giving in to any seasonal trend or fad think carefully. Take into account your child’s likes and dislikes in these matters too.

Choose articles that can be used for a reasonable period of time. Plan ahead, otherwise you may need to frequently change some of the items. If you buy a cot just right for your 3 year old, you will soon have to replace it with a bigger one. It would cause wastage of time and money.

Add enough storage. We have a large collection of storage units [] and closets [] just fit for a kid’s room. Take time out to surf through those. Your children’s room must have a cheerful, healthy and comfortable feel.

How to ensure child safety in a room decorated for your kid?

Take adequate steps to build a secure home for your children. A room designed for them must not have any item with sharp edges. Use sufficient lighting to keep the entire room well lighted. However, the lighting chosen by you must not be glaring or hurtful to the eyes.

There should not be any exposed electrical wiring anywhere in a kid’s room and, preferably, in the entire house. Keep switchboards away from their reach. Teach them to use electrical appliances like tv, air conditioners etc or laptops responsibly as soon as they are old enough to use them.

Non slippery flooring is must for a kid’s room, bathroom and any other part of your home a child is expected to go. Use soft carpet or area rugs on the floor to avoid injuries due to accidental fall. Windows should be secured with grilles. Both doors and windows should have child safe locks.

While searching for kid’s bedroom ideas, see the options of using eco friendly materials in the interior of a room meant for them. Choose mattresses, bed furnishings, curtains, upholstery, bath towels etc that are soothing to their tender bodies and do not cause any allergic reactions.

Keep the space well ventilated and maintain hygiene. Leave enough space for them to run around and enjoy themselves. This is more important for homes that do not have external playgrounds. Your children can gain considerable health and vigour through playful exercises like these.

Do not leave plastic bags, loose cords etc around. Small stone pellets generally used for garden decoration should be kept out of their reach. Poisonous chemicals, medicines etc should be kept locked inside a cabinet. Poisonous indoor plants are best not kept at home. Buy toys that are child safe and free of any harmful chemical.

Boy’s bedroom ideas

Take into account your kid’s preferences. A bedroom decorated for your little boy should be a reflection of his personality. If he is a great sports fan, consider building a themed room based on his favourite sports, team or hero. If he is a music lover consider creating a space infused with the charms of music.

Make sure your design choices are a well rounded one. Leave enough space for playing, studying and practising his hobbies. Arrange book shelves and a study table. Build a big enough closet to neatly arrange his clothes and shoes in it. Add storage space to tuck in footballs, tennis balls or badminton rackets.

While searching for boy’s bedroom ideas, look for a room that is highly adaptable. Your child is at an age where his requirements are bound to change rapidly. When space is not a constraining factor, place a couple extra of chairs just in case any of his playmates come to pay a visit. Your kid will thoroughly enjoy some indoor games or craftworks with them and have a fun time.

Girl’s bedroom ideas

A beautifully decorated girl’s room must feel expansive and cheerful. It should stimulate your little one’s creative mind. If you are decorating a room for the little painter in her, make sure you have storage enough to organise her paints, brushers, drawing boards, notebooks and an easel.

For an aspiring squash star, provisions should be made to decorate a room appropriate for her very active mind and body. Decorate the walls with photographs of her favourite personality. Alternatively, stylise a space based on a book much appreciated by her.

Decorate this room with elegant cot, wardrobes and bookshelves. Embellish the space using artworks created by her or by you with her assistance. This will add a personal touch to any space and show your appreciation for her.

Make sure the interior exudes a flavour in tune with to her persona and conducive to the development of mind and body. For some fabulous girl’s bedroom ideas, go through our magazine [].

How to decorate a teenager’s room?

Before planning a space, have a thorough discussion with your teenage child. Make sure you incorporate his or her choices. Otherwise, children may start feeling neglected and left out of the entire process.

Remove all kinds of clutter. Place a full bed. For a restful night’s sleep, couches or day beds may not be the best option. Have more elaborate storage for clothes, accessories, books and other items frequently used by your teenager.

The décor of a teen room must reflect their sense of style. From this point on, begin treating your children like adults and respect their need for privacy. At the same time, teach them to be conscious and responsible for their own well being.

Kid’s bedroom ideas – stylistic choices

Like other parts of your home, you can plan a variety of looks for your kid’s room. Depending on your tastes and your kids’ as well as the availability of space, a nursery can be designed in a contemporary, rustic, eclectic, classic or a variety of other styles.

Modern nursery ideas

Modern design insists on having a well organised and minimally decorated kid’s room. The colour scheme and choice of décor are kept simple. Since it is a space meant for children, warm tones are added in conjunction with neutral ones.

Eclectic nursery ideas

If you want to blend elements of classical design with contemporary or country style in a city apartment, then this is the option that you should go for. Choose articles that organically fit in the space and look harmonious with the overall setting.