Single family homes - design ideas and pictures

How do you define a single family home?

A stand alone house or a single-detached house are other definitions of such housings. A home is considered single family home when they are totally one unit. That doesn't necessarily mean it shouldn't lean to another building. As long as it has an independent entrance to the street and has its own heating and electricity and water access it’s still a separate house. Many of these type house are build in a land larger that the house structure itself, which means they usually have a space for garden or a backyard. Maybe that’s a reason for their popularity among-st families who wish to raise their children in a traditional way.

What are pros and cons to single family homes?

Like everything these houses as dreamy as they are have advantages as disadvantages. We already pointed to the direction of what are their advantages, such as they come on a land which might mean a garden or depending on the local regulation an opportunity to add an extension or addition to the property. That also means all the repairs and amenities costs are in owner’s expense. As well as energy consumption that is required for heating or cooling such homes are usually much higher and might be very expensive. Maintaining costs of common areas like garden and entrance or play grounds or pools are also all only owners responsibility. Another catch is that you might not find a single family home in inner cities because usually there are not enough land for such housings, there for you might be forced to live in surrounding areas and suburbs. But depending on what you are after, this might be actually an advantage rather than disadvantage to you. Saying that, we have to mention that sub-urbanization that has followed this trend has had a huge negative effect on agriculture and natural habitat.

What are the different types of a single family home?

Single family homes are usually put in 4 different categories according to their size , we list them here from big to small: Mansion: big, luxurious and as you already did, it is associated with wealth and big fortune. it's no mystery the bigger the property the more expensive it is! Villa: it’s bigger than average size house, it’s usually associated with a comfortably size home in suburbs. Bungalow: similar to a Villa it’s a freestanding house on a comparably big land and usually in suburbs the difference is that it has a less formal floor plan as a villa. Cottage: the smallest type of a freestanding house which usually consist of 4 main rooms. Usually they build an addition to the back for extra amenities such as laundry, bathroom and kitchen.

How much does a single family home in Malaysia cost?

If you are looking for property prices, the chances are high that you have worked many years and saved up quite enough of money to be entitled of a mortgage or even an immediate purchase of your forever home. If you feel ready to purchase a single family home then you should better have saved up at least 2 million ringgit already. Of Course there are properties which are cheaper than 2 million but when you actually enter real estate market and ready to make such a big financial commitment there are so many different factors that might come to surprise you in the way.  A single family home in Kuala Lumpur is around RM 300 psf to RM 300 psf RM 900 psf. Depending on where is located and when it’s built it might go as high as RM 1300 psf.