Country style inspiration

Country style design ideas

Country style décor boasts of a long and enduring charm. Even urban city apartments cannot ignore their beauty. So we see almost a universal appeal for country style design. Interestingly, country décor can be extremely diverse, more than you can ever imagine. A French country style home is very different to what you would experience in Malaysia.

Similarly, British country décor can never be compared with a Mexican country style home. This difference in style and tastes is perceivable even within the limits of a vast country. Perhaps, this explains some of its alluring charm. Despite such mind boggling variety all country style home exudes some characteristics that are very basic to the structure and interior design.

Essential characteristics of country style design

Country style homes tend to be very expressive in nature. Owners seem to embrace the joy of living wholeheartedly without any reservations. The décor of any country style room tends to be simple, tasteful without any added concerns for artificial refinements and down to earth. It is often true to the soil. This honesty in design looks striking.

Country style furniture tends to be uncomplicated in nature. Handcrafted articles are adored in a country style home. Due to the fact that is often sourced from local artisans it always has some qualities that are not so common or readily available. Other household items like pillow covers, blankets, curtains and a variety of other objects are generally made at home.

Décor is chosen according to the requirements of a home, that is, the house is not cluttered with lots of items that are going to be used only infrequently. This however does not indicate that a country style room is any short of on grace or decoration.

These types of home do not shy away from using colours in the interior. This helps to add an element of cheer in the interior and stay close to the traditions of the land. Preference is given to comfort rather than any of the prevailing trends.

Ideal construction materials for country style homes

Country houses are planned in such way that it can establish a direct connection with nature. Large terraces, balconies or verandas are quite common in these homes. This added space is often used as an outdoor lounge, dining area or work zone.

This type of design always uses construction materials that are available locally. You will often see an extensive use of natural wood, stone or terracotta in country homes. Building a home following this style will yield multiple benefits for you too. Locally sourced materials are considerably more affordable. They are more suited for using in the particular climatic condition of a region where they are found and used.

Natural materials like these can help you to build an environment friendly sustainable home for yourself. You can save a lot of money by investing only on those items that are going to use regularly. Isn’t this also a great way of creating an expansive looking interior?

Perhaps you are wondering, if you would really be able to incorporate so many features in a home built in an urban or suburban setting. Well, you need not worry about this. As you set out planning for your home or refurbishing it, you will often find all these are interrelated. Moreover, our extensive country style design ideas [] will guide you through each step of your project.

Tips to decorate a country style room

Before beginning your project you must decide on the specifics of the country flavour that you would like to introduce in the interior of your home. Determine the style, set a budget and try to stick to it as far as possible. Do you want to build a Provençal home or a kampong? Your choices will dictate your selections for the next steps of your project.

Malay vernacular architecture generally uses high quality timber available locally. Timber flooring and wall panels would bring in an authentic country charm inside your home. Varnish them well and give them a protective coat periodically. This will increase the beauty and longevity of the wood panels in use.

If you have a house with an exposed brick or stone wall, you do not need to pull them down. They can add rustic charm in your interiors. For city homes however, it would be better to limit this feature to the feature walls only. Instead of hiding the beams and pillars, try to give them a decorative finish. You will find highly intricate designs on the carved pillars and beams of country homes. When stylised this way, they brighten up the interior of any country style home in almost no time.

Use earthen hues, shades of green and yellow to decorate the interior. But do not forget to use brighter shades as accents. Lime washed walls with a patina also look charming in a rustic setting. It helps to naturally insulate the interior, but first check out if this kind of treatment will be appropriate and long lasting for your home.

Fabric used for upholstery, bed furnishings, curtains etc must have a cheery look and tone. Buy fabric with subtle patterns. Coordinate them well with the other aspects of your home. Accessorise your interior with lots of handcrafted pieces, wood sculptures and tapestry. Use ceramic or wooden vases to arrange fresh flowers and foliage. Try to introduce greenery within the four walls of your room by building a small indoor garden or placing a few potted plants.

Spread traditional hand woven rugs on the floor. These are often more stylish yet cheaper than their contemporary counterparts made of artificial fibres. You can also spread bamboo, coir and sisal mats on the hallway, living room, terrace or kitchen floor.

Country style furniture

Country style furniture has some unique qualities of its own. You will not find ultra shiny or veneered furniture in a country setting. Where woodcraft is highly evolved like it is in Malaysia, you will see very detailed designs on cots, couches, wardrobes and dressers. Motifs are often inspired from nature. Because no two handcrafted pieces could be identical, these pieces tend to boast of a style completely its own.

Furniture is made of natural wood like teak, mahogany, rosewood, walnut or any other species available locally. Bamboo and rattan furniture are also appropriate for a country style interior. These are considerably more affordable than high quality wood. Hand woven baskets, boxes and wooden trunks can be utilised as additional storage units in a kitchen, dining parlour or bathroom.

You can give your wooden furniture a coat of paint that suits the interior colour scheme or leave at a lacquered or varnished state. The latter is more suited for premium quality wooden furniture. Sometime wooden planks of unusual shapes are repurposed as dining table or coffee table tops. This can look elegant in a country style living room or dining space.

Those living close to the hilly areas can try to source natural stone for building a dining table top, low platform bed or corner table. Mosaic and tiled table tops also look stunning for rustic homes.

Country style kitchen

Though country kitchen [] has some specific requirements, but you can still manage to build a modern kitchen following the country style. Try to avoid any artificiality as far as possible. You can use terracotta, ceramic or mosaic tiles to decorate your walls and flooring. Try to select those that showcase a traditional pattern. You can also use handmade bricks to stylise the walls. Natural stone or wood flooring also look charming in a country style kitchen.

Cabinets, tables and chairs made of wood would give this space an authentic country makeover. Moulded plastic furniture, however stylish, does not look fitting in a country setting. Stone, wood or tiles can be used to build kitchen countertops as well. Sandstone, soapstone and limestone including travertine can be utilised for this purpose.

Basaltic rocks like granite or marble can be used for the same as well. But make sure not to give them too glossy a polish. You can also make kitchen worktops from oak, walnut or teak. African teak or iroko, tigerwood etc are also being used increasingly for these purposes. Do not rule out bamboo. You can create very elegant countertops using it as a base material.

Country style design ideas with a Scandinavian flair

Like any other part of the world, Scandinavian country homes boast of some special qualities of their own. Since Scandinavian design is highly popular nowadays, you can plan a country style interior according to the traditions of Scandinavian countries.

The colour scheme followed in the interior of the Scandinavian homes tends to be subtle. Wood clad walls and flooring tend to increase the comfort and geniality of the interiors. Large windows are a specialty of these homes. They help to bring in natural light and warmth all day long. The rooms look brighter and more cheerful under its influences.

Minimalism is preferred even in a country setting. This helps to open up small homes and reduce any kind of clutter. Place potted plants and arrange flowers in glass jar or vases to increase the beauty of your indoor atmosphere. They will also keep your interior environment healthier and more refreshed.