Swimming Pond: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Swimming pools are very popular in Malaysia, thanks to the beautiful resorts and luxury villas, there is a new kind of pool that is starting to get popular. They are called natural pools or swimming ponds, this type of pond uses a natural filtration systems with regeneration zones, that without use of any chemicals or machines clean and purifies the water to achieve a healthy level for swimming purposes. If it sound exciting and you want to installing one for you home, don't forget to ask our professionals for advice!

Why should I build a swimming pond?

There's no doubt that big cities such as Kuala Lumpur or other urban areas lack places to swim in. But, if you have the money and enough place in your backyard, you can always try and build a swimming pond for your family to enjoy whenever they want. Also don't forget how beautiful it makes your home look, having a pool in the garden enhances the environment by reflecting the plants and produces more moisture in tropical climates. For sure a little corner of water at home creates a great space to meditate and relax.

What are the difficulties of the swimming ponds?

Water management: If you leave the water of the swimming pond as it is, the quality of the water may deteriorate and bacterias may be generated which causes a bad smell. If that happens, it will cause an unpleasant problem that is difficult to solve. It may also has a negative effect on your health.

Regular maintenance is required: In the summer there is a possibility that a large amount of algae will grow in the pond covering the surface of water, hindering photosynthesis of other plants and killing them all. It is also conceivable that other living things of the pond dies due to oxygen shortage.. That’s why, it is necessary to remove this algae and filter the water.

Potential danger to households with small children:The swimming pond is also very attractive for children,so make sure you are prepared and considered enough security means to prevent them from drowning.

What should i consider about my swimming pond?

If you are thinking about looking at the garden pond and having beautiful fish swimming in it, the most important thing is to maintain water quality. Otherwise, the algae will start growing and kill the fish as well as the plants. In order to build a garden with pleasant waterfront, consider installing a filtration device. Especially in warmer seasons, water quality tends to be worse and the unwanted plants will grow even faster.

What type of plants should I use in my swimming pond?

Hydrophilic or hydrophilic are a type of water plants that are ideal for those who want to make their swimming pond not just practical, but also beautiful. Some species are totally submerged but there are also other types that keep only roots and stems inside the water. Have in mind that there are some species that are only for decorating and landscaping purposes, you also need others that are ideal for keeping the balance of your pond ecosystem. Don't worry about those plants that live fully underneath water, because they can get the nutrition they need directly and solely from the water, no matter if they have short or longer roots.some of these plants are floating and have very short roots that won't disturb other things.. For your swimming pond we recommend white lotus, victoria-regia, lotus, water reed, leather hat, water lettuce or murray tick.

How can I keep my swimming pond clean?

The PH and carbonate level of the water should always be measured with specific tools. The amount of nitrogen compounds is also an important factor to keep an eye on.This can be controlled with proper filtering or if you prefer a more natural approach it can be released with fish feces. Doing so avoids the need for total exchange of pond water. You can also place a biofilter and install some pumps. If you are unsure, our advice is to consult with a spa and pool professional. They will be able to guide you about what should be the ideal size or what equipment you would need and other details to have a beautiful addition in your garden without major problems. Something we have to mention is that it is very important to have box for the filter in an easily accessible location installed, and don't forget to hide it well with some plants or garden decoration items such as statues.

How can I find someone to build my pond?

in Malaysia swimming ponds are not that common, so it might be more challenging to find a right professional to create you one. but you can always go on homify and get free advice from our many professionals available in the country.