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Teen bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1.  Teen bedroom by Fotointeriores S.L., Country
  2.  Teen bedroom by ANP Interiors Pvt Ltd, Classic
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  4.  Teen bedroom by DECOR DREAMS, Eclectic
  5.  Teen bedroom by FISHEYE Architecture & Design, Minimalist
  6.  Teen bedroom by Monica Saravia, Modern
  7.  Teen bedroom by Con Contenedores S.A. de C.V., Modern
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  9.  Teen bedroom by Ectic, Modern
  10.  Teen bedroom by SAK Recamaras Infantiles, Modern
  11.  Teen bedroom by MIKOŁAJSKAstudio , Industrial
  12.  Teen bedroom by Cynthia Barragán Arquitecta, Modern
  13.  Teen bedroom by Kata Design, Modern Bamboo Green
  14.  Teen bedroom by ANTE MİMARLIK , Modern
  15.  Teen bedroom by homify, Modern
  16.  Teen bedroom by Kata Design, Modern Wood Wood effect
  17.  Teen bedroom by ARTDESIGN architektura wnętrz, Modern
  18.  Teen bedroom by Moskou Architektura Wnętrz, Modern Wood Wood effect
  19.  Teen bedroom by MIKOŁAJSKAstudio , Eclectic
  20.  Teen bedroom by LINEUP STUDIO, Modern
  21.  Teen bedroom by MIKOŁAJSKAstudio , Modern
  22.  Teen bedroom by Revisite, Modern
  23.  Teen bedroom by Revisite, Modern
  24.  Teen bedroom by NRN diseño de interiores, Modern
  25.  Teen bedroom by 達譽設計, Scandinavian Engineered Wood Transparent
  26.  Teen bedroom by Casactiva Interiores, Minimalist
  27.  Teen bedroom by Exxo interior, Modern
  28.  Teen bedroom by TAPO 富岡建築計画事務所, Modern Wood Wood effect
  29.  Teen bedroom by Tobi Architects, Minimalist
  30.  Teen bedroom by PLUS ULTRA studio, Minimalist Wood Wood effect
  31.  Teen bedroom by A! Emotional living & work, Minimalist
  32.  Teen bedroom by benna iç mimarlık, Modern Wood-Plastic Composite
  33.  Teen bedroom by FISHEYE Architecture & Design, Minimalist

Getting started on ideas for teen bedroom decor can be challenging, especially when a teenager’s style and taste can change frequently. Unlike other generations, teenagers today are more design-conscious and aware of the latest trends. Their favorite things are disparate, and they find a lot of inspiration online.

A teenager will appreciate a space where they can enjoy their childhood novelties, but also feel mature and able to express themselves. When brainstorming teen bedroom ideas, the most important thing to remember is that their bedroom will need to be dynamic. A teenager’s room is a place where they will entertain friends, do their homework, and enjoy their alone time. Eventually, kids will leave home, and you’ll have to consider how that room will be used. These are just a few important factors to keep in mind when decorating a teenager’s bedroom.

What designs are the best for a teen bedroom?

While adults prefer a bedroom that is quiet and peaceful, teen bedrooms should be cool, vibrant rooms. Think about creative and bold elements that will get your teen excited and inspired. To get started, work with your teen to design the theme for their room. Awesome teen bedroom ideas include traveling, bohemian chic, vintage locker rooms, and neon lights. Your teen should also be able to reflect their personality and hobbies (for example, football fans, movie fans, musicians, etc).

Another important idea to consider when designing your teen’s bedroom is how they’ll spend their time. They’ll want enough space to hang out and lounge with friends, but also need a place to do their homework and sleep comfortably. Think about how a layout will support a desk, bed, wardrobe, and other other functional pieces. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the furniture, such as a canopy bed, suspended chairs, and funky bookshelves.

Modern wall decoration

Teen bedroom walls are a perfect canvas for teens to express their style and personality. Think about colorful murals, wall stickers, or hand stencils to add some bold and cheerful designs to the room. Another dynamic use of walls is whiteboards, magnetic boards, and chalkboards. Teenagers will appreciate the multi-purpose walls to draw and erase at their own will.

Another modern idea for teen’s wall designs is using photos from Instagram and Facebook. You can recreate your teen’s favourite memories in IRL by printing and framing their photos of friends, family, and traveling. Frame the photos on their wall or hang them across the ceiling to create a special and unique space.

The musts: furniture for a teenage bedroom

Teenagers are notorious for having messy rooms. This is why good storage options will be the best feature teens didn’t think they needed. Creating places for teens to store their stuff, even if it’s haphazardly tossed in, will help maintain some semblance in their room. Some examples of storage items include dressers, shelving, under-the-bed storage bins and chairs, storage benches, and built in wall storage. Make sure the storage is fun for your teen, and a quick solution to keeping their room clean.

To do well in school you need to study. That’s why having a functional work space for a teenager is important. Find desks that fit your teen’s studying preferences and double as extra storage. Some modern work station ideas include stand-up desks and desks that can extend to accommodate extra study buddies or group projects. Match a traditional desk with an unconventional chair. Nowadays teen’s might enjoy sitting on bouncy balls instead of chairs, or colorful swivel stools.

The last piece of necessary furniture is a bed. Teens need a good night's rest, so find a bed that is both practical and comfortable for your teen such as canopy beds, beds with extra lighting and storage, or beds that have unique headboards. One thing both teen and adults can agree on are soft fabrics and textures, be sure to add some touchy-feely elements to their room.

Teenage bedroom’s lighting styles

Like any room, lighting plays a key role in functionality and mood setting. For a teen’s bedroom, use lights that are fun and practical for studying, reading in bed, and hanging out with friends. Work with your teen to outfit their room with standing lights, light strands, neon lights, or chandeliers. Don’t hesitate to mix and match the lights.

DIY lighting solutions are another easy and unique way to bring your teen’s personality into their room. Get Pinterest-worthy designs by using an old skateboard to mount light bulbs or find ping pong balls to fill with twinkle lights. A teen will appreciate an approach to lighting that is as versatile as their personality.

Ideas for a small teenage bedroom

Make your teen’s bedroom feel more spacious. Some creative teen small bedroom ideas include cork boards or magnetic dry erase boards to keep small desk surfaces organized. Or, place a sitting bench against your teen’s bed to create a versatile lounge for their friends to relax and hang.

You can also create a makeshift lounge in your teen’s bedroom by throwing a pillow or a few bean bags in a corner to make the best of small spaces. Another option is placing your teen’s bed lengthwise against a wall, to create a daybed. And skip the headboard or bed frame to save on even more space in your teen’s bedroom.