Terrace house: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

A terrace house, also known as a link house is a set of houses that are built with the same style,and leaning to each other and located in the same space they usually share similar characteristics. They can be located in the same street, as well as around a square, a park or an enclosed space.The best-known examples of terraced houses in the world can be found in England, where working-class neighborhoods are made up of rows of exact houses. Other examples are found in San Francisco with their houses on sloping streets.

How popular are terrace houses in Malaysia?

Terrace houses are most common type of home for Malaysians. Most new houses are 2-storey and have 4 bedrooms, usually 6 meter or 6.7 meter wide. and around 13 meters depth, and about 170 m². if they are 2-storey, up to 300 m² in case of 3-storey terraced houses. Based on its size or its condition prices vary between RM 500 and RM 1200 psf. We can see this type of housing in Kampung Pandan in east of Kuala lumpur, with many small private houses next to each other, but each with different styles and individual services. Therefor they are not exactly the classical terrace houses we see in Europe.

When and where are terrace houses originated?

The modern origins of the terrace houses date back to the fifteenth century in Europe, where some streets had identical houses sharing walls from side to side, in the same style as the famous houses in San Francisco. The oldest creation dates from 1605-1612 in Paris, at the time of Henry IV. This form of construction was always associated with the working class, but with the time and the social changes the districts of the center of the main cities became gentrification. In fact, the word "gentrification" comes from the upper bourgeoisie and means the process of transformation of a deteriorated urban area that has been rebuilt and thus caused an increase in rental costs.Recent years have seen the emergence of modern residential complexes with buildings up to 20 floors in all cities with concepts of small apartments and other services included, to the detriment of more traditional houses.

What are the advantages of terrace houses?

It is much safer to live in these types of housing since it is a closed, private and is built in the spirit of community. It is easier to achieve given the large number of new projects that can be purchased in blueprints and customized before construction. It is important to remember that before any modification of plans, it is crucial to consult with a professional.

Are there any disadvantages to terrace housing in Malaysia?

Based on a study from Zaiton Abdul Rahim and Ahmad Hariza Hashim “Adapting to Terrace Housing Living in Malaysia” , The terrace house designs are not consistent with the changing housing needs of the Malay families resulted in adaptation in behaviour. The lack of social and cultural consideration in terms of privacy, activity system and social interaction resulted in behavioural adaptation at least unit housing physical adaptation in the form of housing modification can be afforded. Some aspect of culture such as hospitality and social interaction which are important in the Malay culture were not considered in the housing design. Also the idea of privacy for the family and activity system was not given attention in the design. The use of the porch area can be encouraged as potential space for social interaction and entertaining guests to compensate the lack of space in the house and indirectly provide privacy. The somehow bigger terrace houses allow alterations to support the changing needs of the family. However, the lack of space in some of the smaller terrace houses affected the family in another way after modification like the lack of natural lighting and ventilation and the privacy of family and neighbours, therefore it makes it necessary to go through a process of behavioural adaptation. The lack of social and cultural consideration in the terrace houses will lead to diminish of some aspects of the culture.

Where can I get inspirations to design, build or renovate my terrace house?

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