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Wine Cellar design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. Proposed Interior Design for 2-Storey Terrace House:  Wine cellar by Desquared Design, Modern
  2. 25 Kenswick Road:  Wine cellar by Diamond Constructions Ltd, Industrial
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  4.  Wine cellar by Spiral Cellars, Rustic
  5.  Wine cellar by Architetti Baggio, Classic
  6.  Wine cellar by Weber Arquitectos, Eclectic
  7.  Wine cellar by Padovani Arquitetos + Associados, Minimalist
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  9.  Wine cellar by Tim Wood Limited, Scandinavian
  10.  Wine cellar by Márcia Carvalhaes Arquitetura LTDA., Modern
  11.  Wine cellar by Space Alchemy Ltd, Modern
  12.  Wine cellar by, Modern
  13.  Wine cellar by Marmoles ARCA, Modern
  14.  Wine cellar by C2HA Arquitetos, Rustic Wood Wood effect
  15.  Wine cellar by Nandita Manwani, Modern
  16.  Wine cellar by Isa Ramoni Arquitetura, Modern Wood-Plastic Composite
  17.  Wine cellar by Carol Landim | Arquitetura + Interiores, Modern Solid Wood Multicolored
  18.  Wine cellar by shep&kyles design, Country
  19.  Wine cellar by Eveline Maciel - Arquitetura e Interiores, Modern
  20.  Wine cellar by Fabiana Mazzotti Arquitetura e Interiores, Modern
  21.  Wine cellar by Kodde Architecten bna, Modern
  22.  Wine cellar by homify, Colonial Bricks
  23.  Wine cellar by UrbQuality Lda, Modern
  24.  Wine cellar by SNAP Stoeppler Nachtwey Architekten BDA Stadtplaner PartGmbB, Modern
  25.  Wine cellar by Sandrine RIVIERE Photographie, Country
  26.  Wine cellar by Isometría, Modern
  27.  Wine cellar by homify, Eclectic
  28.  Wine cellar by Olaa Arquitetos, Country
  29.  Wine cellar by CG VOGEL ARCHITEKTEN, Classic
  30.  Wine cellar by STACK-SMART, Scandinavian
  31.  Wine cellar by CORFONE + PARTNERS studios for urban architecture, Modern
  32.  Wine cellar by A4estudio, Modern
  33.  Wine cellar by M+M INTERIORISMO, Modern

Wine cellar

At this time and age, building a custom wine cellar at home is something you cannot afford to ignore. The art of wine storage is a must for every avid wine lover and it begins at your wine cellar. Wine storage is very important because wine improves with age.  How sweet your wine becomes only time can tell.  Only proper wine storage can guarantee a nice wine. Here are things to consider before you put up your wine cellar

What to consider when designing your wine cellar 

A well-designed wine cellar adds to the look and feel of your wine room. Such simple wine art as painting, mosaic, murals beautifully etched mirrors or even stained glasses can do a great job by improving your wine cellar from ordinary to world class status. For an avid wine collector, a state of the art design is a must have.

Of late the design of wine cellars is changing fast in line with modern standards.  A good design should give you enough room and an interesting way to give your friends and visitors a memorable entertaining experience. Irrespective of how small or large you want your wine cellar to be, three things are important and needs to be taken into consideration.

These are temperature, light, and humidity. It is important to create ideal temperature conditions for your home collection. Temperature, humidity, and light should not be underrated. They determine wine quality. With the help of your wine cellar specialist, you can create ideal conditions. Where you don't get proper temperature conditions invest in temperature control methods. They are effective in giving quality results.

What to consider when decorating your wine cellar 

Choice of decoration is very important.  It gives you an identity inasmuch as it makes you unique. Traditionally, stones and wood have been the most common decoration ideas. However, metals and glass are the best classy trends lately. Metals not only give an outstanding beauty but also stability and durability.

Glass finishing is very trendy and gives you a state of the art wine cellar. In designing a wine cellar, it is important to put in place all the necessary items before the real work of building the wine cellar begins. This is important because a mismatch may bring confusion thereby resulting in an incomplete wine cellar.

A must have handy accessories for your wine cellar The best way to enrich your room is to have all necessary accessories in place. As a wine lover, maintaining an encouraging environment is very important. It gives you a relaxed friendly atmosphere where you can sip your wine peacefully.

In collecting your handy accessories you have to balance between fashion and function. This is extremely fun. The style of wine racks you buy is a vital aspect. A wine cellar is only complete if it has handy accessories. State of the art wine glasses, a well polished wooden tasting table and corkscrews are important accessories that should never miss in your wine cellar.

The types of bottle openers you use are very important too. How you open a wine bottle and the tool you use to open the bottle can damage the cork and the wine altogether.  Automatic bottle openers or even electric bottle openers is the way to go. Though a simple issue, it can destroy the mood and entertainment. So choose appropriate bottle openers. A wine cellar without these accessories is incomplete.