Wooden houses: design ideas, inspiration and pictures

Wooden houses is a great and affordable alternative for those who want to escape the traditional (and most often more expensive) option that is the masonry house. Regarding traditional houses, prefabricated houses can reduce your cost by 40% of the final price.

Besides the incredible looks, inside and out, the material eliminates the use of cement, bricks and many other compliments to make the house ready. A wooden home is also extremely cozy and manages to keep the atmosphere fresh and airy no matter how damp the humid the weather gets. And that's why it’s a good choice for tropical weather. Also don't forget accessibility of wood in this region, which make it the first choice of many professionals.

By choosing a wooden house you save many hours of home maintenance that a regular masonry house required and you can instead enjoy more quality time with your family and kids as they are said to require much less maintenance than other types of housing. This is certainly a choice that saves money and time in the long run, leaving more space for you to worry about what really matters: quality of your life. And if the house is on a piece of land like they usually are, the opportunity to have a garden and be more close to nature is always a good selling argument.

What Materials and maintenance is required for a wooden house?

For this internal temperature to remain very pleasant, however, it is ideal that some care is taken, such as betting on a thermal blanket so that the cold and heat are absorbed, in addition to preventing infiltrations.

The maintenance of such a house is minimal, but some people still prefer to varnish the entire exterior surface and ensure an always new home. They construct them usually 50cm above the floor for better ventilation, and to avoid the humidity.

Massive and timber wood are the most common for this type of construction, and they generally do not present any risk for termite infestation. Although the owner may have some fear of this type of problem, there are several types of products and treatments to avoid any problems.

How can i reduce noise and crackling in my wooden house?

Although crackling noises appears to be a common problem and characteristics of wooden houses when they are exposed to very high or very low temperatures, that is not an issue if the building has been built with dry wood.

The constant noises only happen when the builders construct houses with fresh wood, that when it gets dry, it leaves cracks in the boards and generates more fractions that results in the famously annoying crackling noise.

How is durability of a wooden house?

Whoever thinks the wooden house will last less than a masonry house, is believing a myth. The only issue to be taken into consideration is the location of the wooden house and where it is constructed. after all, it is safe to say that such a house would not withstand natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes as any normal masonry house would not.

What are different styles of wooden house?

In addition to hardwood and timber, there are still many people who love to build their homes with recycled timber. It gives a charm to the look of the house, which presents a much more rustic and country aesthetic when it is made with wood without much treatment, varnish or color change.

This home may have a rustic look, combining with the beachy look. But that does not mean that whoever lives in the city or in an urban context can not have such a lovely home! To match the warmth of the flooring, bet on a light with yellow lamps and a few simple touches of color, on decorative objects such as cushions and other accessories.

Now, if you prefer the modern style, then your house can have a more square shape with clean lines and wide windows around the entire structure, taking advantage of the natural context if you have the privilege of having an incredible home in the middle of nature.

How can I find the ideal professional?

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