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Single-Family House

Single-Family House

Find the best ideas & designs and create your perfect single-family house. You can also find a professional to help build your single-family house here.
Find the best ideas & designs and create your perfect single-family house. You can also find a professional to help build your single-family house here.

Single-family house

A single family house, as we know it now, is more of a modern phenomenon. The birth of so called nuclear families in post war Europe started this trend. Soon, the rest of the world caught up with it. A detached family house is a prominent feature of every city and suburban areas we come across nowadays.

Malaysia is also experiencing a boom in this segment. In spite of soaring housing prices, places like Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, Selangor, Kedah and Terengganu are experiencing a consistent rise in the number of detached family houses. This is after all one of the most basic necessities of life.

Even rural areas and vacation destinations are not completely barred from experiencing this. A lot of people are building quiet getaways in the form of holiday retreats in and around Malaysia’s coastal areas.

A detached family home vis-à-vis an apartment

Single family houses have some special requirements. Small or big, they act like self contained units aimed to fulfil every kind of needs of a modern family. A detached house has none of the concerns commonly associated with the modern apartments. It is generally more peaceful than the best of the condominiums.

The liberty of living in a family home of one’s own is cherished by many. Even if small, it can boast of facilities like garden, swimming pool, terrace etc which you are free to enjoy with only your own family members or close friends.

On the flip side, building and maintaining a detached or semi detached house has its share of hassles. You need to invest considerably more for living in an abode like this. Elderly people may prefer the secured atmosphere of the apartment dwellings more favourable for them.

If you are yet to have a family of your own, you may not have the same enthusiasm for a shelter for yourself which is more extensive than simple apartments.

Family home ideas

There is literally no shortage of family home ideas to your liking. If you have the necessary resources available to you, you are free to model your home on a French château or German half timbered house, baroque era classical structures or mid century modern architecture.

You can also choose to stay true to the Malaysian vernacular architecture or borrow inspirations from neighbouring areas whose styles you have come to appreciate. Many prospective homeowners also prefer following the contemporary architectural trends and stay relevant with their time. However, while opting for any particular design it is better to keep a few things in mind.

Tips for a family home design

Before settling for any particular family home design, you must first check whether it is suitable for the region where you live or are planning to live in. Certain structures like Mediterranean stone mansions may look very attractive on paper but would be very difficult to build in a place where the availability of the raw material is questionable.

You must perform detailed soil testing and survey of the plot. Try to build a home that is capable of withstanding the climate of the region. Go for eco friendly and, as far as possible, locally available materials. Always insists on the quality of the construction materials and durability of the structure. Enjoy the process of building a dream home for yourself and your family members.

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